Every year I have watched the NFL Draft, but never knew a player other than their name on the back of their jersey. This year though things have been different. I have learn who some of the NFL prospects are, and have been in contact with them daily. I can see the struggles that some have faced and wanting to give up on their dreams of playing in the Nation football league. I have learned their hard work of going to college and being a parent or taking care of their younger siblings. The sacrifices that the player’s family and friends have made so they can be in the spot light on draft day are truly amazing. They all seem to have that one person or more that said to them, they can’t do it and never be good enough. However, they have shown that they could! Now it is close to draft day and they will hear their name called. They will get a phone call from a head coach, and hear what team believed in them the most. So with that said, get to know those players before that day.

Here is 970 ESPN interview with Rudy Reyes and their interviews with NFL Draft Diamonds. Be sure to share with the fans around the world.

Pierre Desir interviews:

Pierre Desir

Brendan Munnerlyn interviews:


Shaquil Barrett interviews:


DJ Tialavea interview:


Devin Street interview:

Devin Street

Abdul Smith interviews:


Josh Mauro interview:


Jeff Janis interviews:


Alden Darby interview:


Paul Porras interview:


Jeremy Butler interview:


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Every year the National football league fans can’t wait for the NFL Draft. Well, I should say every NFL fan except the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detroit Lions. Ok, now I got that out of the way I can move on to the real subject. As said before the NFL Draft to me is overrated and I think the combine is as well. Yet, the fans love the unknowing of who their team will draft. Sometimes a team will draft the best available while other teams will take what they need. The crowd in New York sometimes cheers and other times boos. The fans though never realize who is the bust or a star. Fans will only go by the college games/film and experts to make their opinions on the player. Time and time again though we see a first rounder fall short of their skills and a six rounder be elite. Heck even undrafted free agents have made an impact in the NFL.

So what should you go by when doing your mock drafts if you do not know more than the college level play? I think you should go off your heart and think as the general manager for your team. For me my team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. So when I am doing the mock draft I think of what the Steelers need most and what player can fill the role. I study their film and look at their character. However, I am no scout expert. So in the end, I go off my heart! I see something that I think is great and it gets my heart pounding, I am going to run with it. Last year was Shamarko Thomas from Syracuse. I even did the religious way and prayed for Thomas to be part of the Steelers. Well it turned out the way I wanted it to happen. I did a blog on Thomas after he was drafted called “Introducing Shamarko Thomas”. The blog traveled to 24 countries and it showed that the Steelers Nation was impressed of having Thomas on our team.

Well, now comes this year! The player that I feel in my heart will be a great fit for the Steelers, and my heart keeps beating fast when hearing his name is Pierre Desir. Desir has been looked at by the Panthers and the Saints. There has not been any mentioning that the Steelers have contacted Desir or looked at him. I think they honestly should.

Desir is a cornerback who played for Lindenwood college. Won awards like the Second-team All-MIAA in 2010, First-team All-MIAA in 2009, 2012, 2013. First-team AFCA Div. II All-American in 2012 and 2013. Including, the Cliff Harris Award in 2013. Desir finished his career ranked first in Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics history in passes defended. His 25 career interceptions are the second most in conference history and rank him in the top 10 in Division II history.

What are the negative thoughts I have heard on Desir from the experts and fans? I have heard Desir never played against big schools. That Desir speed is not that fast. Could the Steelers fans say that about Cortez Allen though in 2011? Honestly think about that one for a second. I love Allen more than most fans and if you follow me at Steel Nation Generation you will always see how much I care for Allen. Allen played college at The Citadel which is a NCAA Division 1 school. Now Allen is the starting cornerback for the Steelers and showing a great future. Just like Allen, Desir also ran track in high school. I am comparing Desir to Allen because I feel they both are almost the same in my book. At times though I feel I can compare Desir to Keenan Lewis. The long arms with the ability to knock the ball down out of the air. The end result though, it doesn’t matter who I compare Desir to because Allen and Lewis will make their marks in the NFL. Some experts have gone on radio and TV shows and said Desir is just like Richard Sherman. I can honestly see that as well because Desir sticks with the receivers and able to snatch the ball from the receiver. During one of the games an announcer was so excited that he said the “FRENCH ASSASSIN” when referring to Desir interception. Even though I hate to compare a player to another player, there is a point to be given here. The point is Desir will make an impact in the NFL. The reason he is not being noticed or mocked higher is because of the schools he played against, the school he went too, and not being known.

So that is fine with me though. Last year on this date, I came out saying by doing a blog that Cortez Allen and Jason Worilds would be household names. The blog was called “I Believe” (SEE BELOW) and I feel I am and was right about that. Cortez Allen came on at the end of last season and Jason Worilds became electro flying for the football. Which made the Steelers want to resign Worilds and release Woodley.

So I feel I am right about Desir and I need the Steelers Nation to join with me. I think if you are a Steelers fan you need to watch his videos. You need to feel the same excitement that I feel when watching him return the interception for a touchdown. As well, read the interview that was conducted with Desir by Rudy Reyes of ESPN. Learn more about Desir and with that, you should see the high hopes and potential that I feel in my bones, soul, and heart. If you do feel what I feel than I hope and pray you scream let’s draft THE FRENCH ASSASSIN.

God Bless,