Well I am at it again! Last year, my prediction was Seahawks vs. Bengals in the Superbowl. I had the Bengals wrong but Seahawks right. This makes five straight seasons where I pick two teams to make it to the Superbowl and each year I get one team right. This year I am planning to keep my streak alive.

Of course you will hear people say that I have picked great teams to make the Superbowl. However, I think my prediction is far more than luck. I pick before any preseason games are played. I pick before all players are truly on a roster. I also pick before season ending injuries.

Here is the look back from the previous five seasons of teams I pick to make it, and they made it to the SuperBowl.
2011- Packers
2012- Patriots
2013- 49ers
2014- Broncos
2015- Seahawks

So now for this the 2015-2016 season, who will make it to the Superbowl? I think these two teams will shock a lot of viewers. I put a lot of thought into this process like I do every year. Then the last thing I let happen is feeling my heart telling me to agree with myself. So with that being said, here are the two teams!

Falcons vs. Steelers

Steelers win 31-27

Of course many people would want to know why. Why do you pick those teams? Some will even laugh. Then I can explain this reason and that reason. Yet no matter what there is no other good reason then my heart saying it’s a true good prediction. The only thing that can stop these two teams from making it, is if their starting Quarterbacks go down. So let’s roll the dice and just see what happens. I know I am ready to say… I told you so!

What are your thoughts?





Steelers Nation, I hope you will listen and share these wonderful interviews conducted by Rudy Reyes Pittsburgh 970 ESPN. Reyes does this for free and so does the players. You will hear ex-Steelers and current players talk about their passion for the game and their ups and downs. All stories by the players are different and so are the interviews.

You will learn things from these interviews that you can’t hear anywhere else. Reporters are always in the lockers rooms and they ask about injuries and ask about the player role. Yet, these interviews give you so much more. Most of them are past players and the players give you insights from their child days at high school, college, and pros. They will make you smile, laugh, and most of all feel the passion of being their fan when they played. For the current players like Kelvin Beachum, Ramon Foster, Will Allen, Nick Williams, and Arthur Moats you pray for them to win the Superbowl.


Pittsburgh Steelers














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Steelers 53 man roster/ LOCKED IN!

There are so many questions left to answer regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers upcoming season. Who will start and who will be on the bench? Before that question can be answered though, there is another one that is more talked about. Who will be on the 53 man roster, and who will be the eight guys on the practice squad? I feel I can give you that answer today. Am I going to be 100 percent right when talking about why players should be on the team, and why they should be removed? Of course I am, because I am “THE TRUTH”! Ok, not really but what the hell, let’s see how bad I truly do.

Mike Tomlin

Below will be the number next to the player to show the countdown of 1-53. As well, below that will be 1-8 of the practice squad members. The names will also appear how I believe the depth chart will come out. So it is a breakdown of two things.


1. Ben Roethlisberger (starter)
2. Bruce Gradkowski
3. Landry Jones

Cut- Brendon Kay

Running Back

4. Le’veon Bell (Starter)
5. LeGarrette Blount
6. Dri Archer

Cut- Miguel Maysonet, Tauren Poole


7. Will Johnson (Starter)

Wide Receiver

8. Antonio Brown (Starter)
9. Markus Wheaton (Starter)
10. Lance Moore
11. Darrius Heyward-Bey
12. Martavis Bryant

Cut- Danny Coale, Jasper Collins, Lanear Sampson


13. Heath Miller (Starter)
14. Matt Speath
15. Rob Blanchflower

Cut- Bryce Davis, David Paulson, Eric Waters

Offense Tackle

16. Kelvin Beachum (starter)
17. Marcus Gilbert (Starter)
18. Michael Adams
19. Guy Whiper

Offense Guard

20. Ramon Foster (Starter
21. David Decastro (Starter)
22. Chris Hubbard


23. Maurice Pouncey (Starter)
24. Cody Wallace

O-line guys cut- Chris Elkins, Bryan Browning, Emmanuel McCray, Will Simmons

Nose Tackle

25. Steve McLendon (Starter
26. Cam Thomas
27. Daniel McCullers

Cut- Al Lupuaho and Roy Philon

Defensive End

28. Cameron Heyward (Starter
29. Stephon Tuitt (Starter)
30. Brain Arnfelt
31. Josh Mauro
32. Nick Williams

Outside Linebacker

33. Jason Worilds (Starter)
34. Jarvis Jones (Starter)
35. Chris Carter
36. Howard Jones

Cut- Dan Molls and Vic So’oto

Middle Linebacker

37. Ryan Shazier (Starter
38. Lawrence Timmons (Starter)
39. Arthur Moats
40. Sean Spence
41. Vince Williams

Cut- Terence Garvin and Kion Wilson


42. Ike Taylor (Starter)
43. Cortez Allen (Starter)
44. William Gay
45. Shaquille Richardson
46. Antwon Blake

Cut- Deion Belue and Isaiah Green

Free Safety and Safety

47. Mike Mitchell (Starter)
48. Troy Polamula (Starter)
49. Will Allen
50. Shamarko Thomas

Cut- Jordan Dangerfield and Ross Ventrone

Special Team

51. Shaun Suisham
52. Adam Podlesh
53. Greg Warren

Cut- Brad Wing

Practice Squad

1. Alvester Alexander RB
2. Michael Palmer TE
3. Derek Moye WR
4. David Snow C/G
5. Hebron Fangupo DT
6. Jordan Zumwalt OLB
7. Brice McCain CB
8. Wesley Johnson G

Special notes on players below:

Dri Archer- The fastest man in the NFL, however how many carries will he get? As well if he is so dangerous on kickoffs, teams will just kick it out of the end zone. Be very interesting to see how the Steelers use this fast cheetah.

Will Johnson- The question regarding Johnson is this, will the Steelers finally use him the way they should? Johnson not only a good fullback but can catch the pass. Yet, Steelers never try to use Johnson’s hands or pass blocking the way they should.

Darrius Heyward-Bey- The guy drops more balls than any lottery ball machines in one week. If I was the Steelers, I would just tell Heyward-Bey to RUN DEEP. This would open the underneath.

David Paulson- Only one good play I remember last year, it was a fake punt and Paulson caught it for like a 33 yard gain. It took a fake to be notice. NOT GOOD!

Brett Keisel- Not signed by the Steelers so why mentioned Keisel? Well I think Steelers might be forced to still sign him. Looking at the depth… it is not that deep. If so, look for Keisel to start in week one.

Stephon Tuitt- Can Tuitt truly start? Yes indeed and the reason he wouldn’t be able to do so, is because he was too lazy to win the job. At Norte Dame he was known to give up on plays. I hope that don’t continue in Pittsburgh. If it doesn’t continue, I hope we see the next Justin Tuck.

Nick Williams- Said to Rudy Reyes on 970 ESPN he has a ways to go yet to recover from his leg injury. I give it until week three before we are talking about Williams truly being back to 100%.

Chris Carter- Would of been cut but lack of depth at Outside Linebacker keeps him for one more year.

Terence Garvin- Only saved him from getting cut last year was special team. Can it save him this year? I say no! Reason is because of Arthur Moats, Antwon Blake, and Shamarko Thomas getting the job done where we don’t have to keep Garvin.

Sean Spence- Was not able to lean back on his heel of his foot but now able to run. Miracles do come true! I hope we can to see Spence play this year.

Greg Warren- AKA Grandpa

Again folks this is only a prediction of my opinions. Nothing I heard from insiders or players. Just me being who I am. So you can take it to heart or take it as a grain of salt.

God Bless,
Joseph Muia


Every year I have watched the NFL Draft, but never knew a player other than their name on the back of their jersey. This year though things have been different. I have learn who some of the NFL prospects are, and have been in contact with them daily. I can see the struggles that some have faced and wanting to give up on their dreams of playing in the Nation football league. I have learned their hard work of going to college and being a parent or taking care of their younger siblings. The sacrifices that the player’s family and friends have made so they can be in the spot light on draft day are truly amazing. They all seem to have that one person or more that said to them, they can’t do it and never be good enough. However, they have shown that they could! Now it is close to draft day and they will hear their name called. They will get a phone call from a head coach, and hear what team believed in them the most. So with that said, get to know those players before that day.

Here is 970 ESPN interview with Rudy Reyes and their interviews with NFL Draft Diamonds. Be sure to share with the fans around the world.

Pierre Desir interviews:

Pierre Desir

Brendan Munnerlyn interviews:


Shaquil Barrett interviews:


DJ Tialavea interview:


Devin Street interview:

Devin Street

Abdul Smith interviews:


Josh Mauro interview:


Jeff Janis interviews:


Alden Darby interview:


Paul Porras interview:


Jeremy Butler interview:


Thank you and God Bless,
Joseph Muia



Well, it is done! I did the Mock draft for the first round. All this time I was saying the Steelers should draft weak inside Linebacker CJ Mosley, while a lot of fans were screaming for Mike Evans and Darqueze Dennard. Yet looking into teams needs and wants, I have realize that teams will be drafting all three of those players before Steelers get their pick. We are talking about true talent for those three guys that are able to start right now in the NFL. Breaking down to who the Steelers have left on the draft board that was available to them, I pretended to be Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin. The Steelers addressed some of their wideout issues by signing free agents Lance Moore and Darrius Heyward-Bey. Yet, on the cornerback side Steelers picked up Brice McCain who is more a special team standout than a star cornerback. So the Steelers need to see who falls in their lap where they have issues coming up after this year. Steelers know that Ike Taylor is done after this year and besides Cortez Allen the Steelers don’t have a cornerback that can start every snap. The player that falls in their lap and picked up is no other than Justin Gilbert cornerback from Oklahoma State.

1. Houston Texans
Blake Bortles QB

2. St. Louis Rams
Greg Robinson OT

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Teddy Bridgewater QB

4. Cleveland Browns
Johnny Manziel QB

5. Oakland Raiders
Jadeveon Clowney DE

6. Atlanta Falcons
Jake Matthews OL

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
CJ Mosley ILB

8. Minnesota Vikings
Aaron McDonald DT

9. Buffalo Bills
Darqueze Dennard CB

10. Detroit Lions
Sammy Watkins WR

11. Tennessee Titans
Calvin Pryor FS

12. New York Giants
Khalil Mack OLB

13. St. Louis Rams
Mike Evans WR

14. Chicago Bears
Anthony Barr OLB

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
Justin Gilbert CB

16. Dallas Cowboys
Eric Ebron TE

17. Baltimore Ravens
Taylor Lewan OT

18. New York Jets
Zack Martin OT

19. Miami Dolphins
Carlos Hyde RB

20. Arizona Cardinals
Kyle Fuller CB

21. Green Bay Packers
Louis Nix III NT

22. Philadelphia Eagles
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix FS

23. Kansas City Chiefs
Odell Beckham Jr WR

24. Cincinnati Bengals
Ryan Shazier OLB

25. San Diego Chargers
Marqise Lee WR

26. Cleveland Browns
Tre Mason RB

27. New Orleans Saints
Bradley Roby CB

28. Carolina Panthers
Kelvin Benjamin WR

29. New England Patriots
Stephon Tuitt DE

30. San Francisco 49ers
Ra’Shede Hageman DT

31. Denver Broncos
Jason Verrett CB

32. Seattle Seahawks
Brandin Cooks WR

Can’t wait to see all of us that done a Mock Draft including the experts fall flat on our face. 🙂

God Bless,

RockOut to KnockOut Cancer 2014 in Pittsburgh!


Listen, 100% of the net proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. The date is August 02, 2014. Three sets of live music (two full production plus an acoustic intermission), and we’ll be raffling Steeler prizes throughout the night. Location at the Tilted Kilt on the North Side…literally in the shadow of Heinz Field.

Here’s the ticket link for inquiries:

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Taking the air by surprise in recently weeks of making an impact in the Pittsburgh Steelers world is a rude dog. Wait, it is not a rude dog it is a human voice that you can hear and that you would love to listen to. That voice is no other than Rudy Reyes aka Rude Dog.

Reyes is a very hard self motivated individual who has a lot of determination of being the best in this business.

Within six weeks of starting with 970 ESPN, Reyes has conducted nine interviews. I can say that I have never seen that in my whole life. During that time period two are retired Steelers players, one free agent, two current players, one Raider who formerly played with the Steelers, and three draft prospects.

What is surprising to me is that Reyes never asks the same questions. In that six weeks and conducting that many interviews it would be so easy to transcript the same format and questions. Instead Reyes does his homework as he should and makes the interview feel you at a local barber shop than listening to a professional interview.

Yes you would want to be professional when speaking to the players and Reyes is exactly like that, but you would like the players to connect with who you are as a person. For the player not to think that you are a reporter but more of a friend in the back yard having a cookout. I can hear it in their voice that is how they feel.

Remember long time ago you would watch a TV sport show and every anchor had a suit and tie as part of their outfit? The tie would be so tight on one of the anchor that when they would swallow you could hear the snot in their nose gargle.

Now when you watch ESPN or NFL Network they don’t usually wear a tie and the top button is not button. I could be wrong but I go off my heart and say the producers wanted the anchors to be relaxed and comfortable for the viewers.

With Reyes interviews you can tell that the player and Reyes are very comfortable like they have met before. The interviews are close to thirty minutes long. When you listen you feel you have known the player as well if you haven’t already done so.

So here is your chance now to read and listen to the great interviews. As always let’s share the great news with other Steelers fans and root for Reyes as us fans follow him on his journey.

Tyrone Carter interview

Marshall McFadden interview:

Damon Cromartie-Smith interview:

Pierre Desir interview:

Rodney Bailey interview

Kelvin Beachum interview:

Arthur Moats interview:

Brendan Munnerlyn interview:

Shaquil Barrett interview:

God Bless,