As a sport athlete it doesn’t matter who got you into the sport that you play now. It does not matter where you grew up. Doesn’t matter what school you attended. The only thing that truly matter was you believing in yourself. Somebody can start you at the starting line, but nobody can get you to the finish line if you don’t believe within who you are. Sure family and friends will be there when you fall and pick you up. Yet, the drive and the hard work is dedication of your own heart. How bad do you want it? How much can you taste it? When you have completed and succeeded to where you are and needed to be, than you should take great pride by getting there.

With that being said, showing that you are the man or woman that you wanted to be, and being proud came the clothing product called BIO. The word BIO really breaks down to the words Believe In One. The owner and creator of this brand name Daniel Megeath, lives in Front Royal, VA. Some Washington Redskins players have become vocal about this new clothing brand and have been sponsoring it. The biggest supporter is Darrel Young who is the Washington Redskins starting fullback. Yet even RG3 is showing love to Megeath by wearing the bracelet BIO on his wrist. It does not stop there though with the Washington Redskins players. The Redskins personal trainer Carl McKinnon jumped on board of wearing the brand. It all started with the Washington Redskins and recently it has been moving to the other industries.

Singer and dancer Elgin Baylor Lumpkin known as Ginuwine posted a picture of himself with BIO t-shirt last night.

Megeath told his story of how in life people said he was never good enough or he couldn’t make it. Yet, there was something beating in Megeath that nobody could take away from him. That one thing that was beating, was Megeath’s heart that kept speaking saying to him, believe in you. Believe in one!

Here is Megeath video that was recently done cage of dreams:

So, not only if you are a player but a fan you should visit Megeath’s site. We all have been there sometime in life where we were put down. I remember watching the madden game intro video of Ray Lewis. The video starts out that Lewis was too small and too slow. The thought crossed my mind that people really didn’t know what they were talking about when judging Lewis skills. The only person that Lewis believed in was himself.

This is your time to do the same and show it. Visit the link below and check out the designs. If you don’t see what you like, don’t worry. They can make you what you like. I hope that you can hit share with the other social media regarding this brand clothing wear. Sometimes a brand is just a brand somebody made up but never put passion and love into it. Other times there is a meaning to it and it builds people self-esteem. This is that brand! When you see it on the streets or social media, it says to you NEVER GIVE UP. BELIEVE IN ONE!!!!!

God Bless,

SIDE NOTE: If you live by Leesburg, VA you are invited to meet Darrel Young. Young will be coming to Carl’s Fitness Studio, 705E Market St, Leesburg, VA 20176 on May 17th. It is only $10.00 to get in. It is not only to meet and greet Young but also host and talk about BIO. As well, the $10.00 includes an autograph from Young.

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