Steelers 53 man roster/ LOCKED IN!

There are so many questions left to answer regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers upcoming season. Who will start and who will be on the bench? Before that question can be answered though, there is another one that is more talked about. Who will be on the 53 man roster, and who will be the eight guys on the practice squad? I feel I can give you that answer today. Am I going to be 100 percent right when talking about why players should be on the team, and why they should be removed? Of course I am, because I am “THE TRUTH”! Ok, not really but what the hell, let’s see how bad I truly do.

Mike Tomlin

Below will be the number next to the player to show the countdown of 1-53. As well, below that will be 1-8 of the practice squad members. The names will also appear how I believe the depth chart will come out. So it is a breakdown of two things.


1. Ben Roethlisberger (starter)
2. Bruce Gradkowski
3. Landry Jones

Cut- Brendon Kay

Running Back

4. Le’veon Bell (Starter)
5. LeGarrette Blount
6. Dri Archer

Cut- Miguel Maysonet, Tauren Poole


7. Will Johnson (Starter)

Wide Receiver

8. Antonio Brown (Starter)
9. Markus Wheaton (Starter)
10. Lance Moore
11. Darrius Heyward-Bey
12. Martavis Bryant

Cut- Danny Coale, Jasper Collins, Lanear Sampson


13. Heath Miller (Starter)
14. Matt Speath
15. Rob Blanchflower

Cut- Bryce Davis, David Paulson, Eric Waters

Offense Tackle

16. Kelvin Beachum (starter)
17. Marcus Gilbert (Starter)
18. Michael Adams
19. Guy Whiper

Offense Guard

20. Ramon Foster (Starter
21. David Decastro (Starter)
22. Chris Hubbard


23. Maurice Pouncey (Starter)
24. Cody Wallace

O-line guys cut- Chris Elkins, Bryan Browning, Emmanuel McCray, Will Simmons

Nose Tackle

25. Steve McLendon (Starter
26. Cam Thomas
27. Daniel McCullers

Cut- Al Lupuaho and Roy Philon

Defensive End

28. Cameron Heyward (Starter
29. Stephon Tuitt (Starter)
30. Brain Arnfelt
31. Josh Mauro
32. Nick Williams

Outside Linebacker

33. Jason Worilds (Starter)
34. Jarvis Jones (Starter)
35. Chris Carter
36. Howard Jones

Cut- Dan Molls and Vic So’oto

Middle Linebacker

37. Ryan Shazier (Starter
38. Lawrence Timmons (Starter)
39. Arthur Moats
40. Sean Spence
41. Vince Williams

Cut- Terence Garvin and Kion Wilson


42. Ike Taylor (Starter)
43. Cortez Allen (Starter)
44. William Gay
45. Shaquille Richardson
46. Antwon Blake

Cut- Deion Belue and Isaiah Green

Free Safety and Safety

47. Mike Mitchell (Starter)
48. Troy Polamula (Starter)
49. Will Allen
50. Shamarko Thomas

Cut- Jordan Dangerfield and Ross Ventrone

Special Team

51. Shaun Suisham
52. Adam Podlesh
53. Greg Warren

Cut- Brad Wing

Practice Squad

1. Alvester Alexander RB
2. Michael Palmer TE
3. Derek Moye WR
4. David Snow C/G
5. Hebron Fangupo DT
6. Jordan Zumwalt OLB
7. Brice McCain CB
8. Wesley Johnson G

Special notes on players below:

Dri Archer- The fastest man in the NFL, however how many carries will he get? As well if he is so dangerous on kickoffs, teams will just kick it out of the end zone. Be very interesting to see how the Steelers use this fast cheetah.

Will Johnson- The question regarding Johnson is this, will the Steelers finally use him the way they should? Johnson not only a good fullback but can catch the pass. Yet, Steelers never try to use Johnson’s hands or pass blocking the way they should.

Darrius Heyward-Bey- The guy drops more balls than any lottery ball machines in one week. If I was the Steelers, I would just tell Heyward-Bey to RUN DEEP. This would open the underneath.

David Paulson- Only one good play I remember last year, it was a fake punt and Paulson caught it for like a 33 yard gain. It took a fake to be notice. NOT GOOD!

Brett Keisel- Not signed by the Steelers so why mentioned Keisel? Well I think Steelers might be forced to still sign him. Looking at the depth… it is not that deep. If so, look for Keisel to start in week one.

Stephon Tuitt- Can Tuitt truly start? Yes indeed and the reason he wouldn’t be able to do so, is because he was too lazy to win the job. At Norte Dame he was known to give up on plays. I hope that don’t continue in Pittsburgh. If it doesn’t continue, I hope we see the next Justin Tuck.

Nick Williams- Said to Rudy Reyes on 970 ESPN he has a ways to go yet to recover from his leg injury. I give it until week three before we are talking about Williams truly being back to 100%.

Chris Carter- Would of been cut but lack of depth at Outside Linebacker keeps him for one more year.

Terence Garvin- Only saved him from getting cut last year was special team. Can it save him this year? I say no! Reason is because of Arthur Moats, Antwon Blake, and Shamarko Thomas getting the job done where we don’t have to keep Garvin.

Sean Spence- Was not able to lean back on his heel of his foot but now able to run. Miracles do come true! I hope we can to see Spence play this year.

Greg Warren- AKA Grandpa

Again folks this is only a prediction of my opinions. Nothing I heard from insiders or players. Just me being who I am. So you can take it to heart or take it as a grain of salt.

God Bless,
Joseph Muia


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