Every year I have watched the NFL Draft, but never knew a player other than their name on the back of their jersey. This year though things have been different. I have learn who some of the NFL prospects are, and have been in contact with them daily. I can see the struggles that some have faced and wanting to give up on their dreams of playing in the Nation football league. I have learned their hard work of going to college and being a parent or taking care of their younger siblings. The sacrifices that the player’s family and friends have made so they can be in the spot light on draft day are truly amazing. They all seem to have that one person or more that said to them, they can’t do it and never be good enough. However, they have shown that they could! Now it is close to draft day and they will hear their name called. They will get a phone call from a head coach, and hear what team believed in them the most. So with that said, get to know those players before that day.

Here is 970 ESPN interview with Rudy Reyes and their interviews with NFL Draft Diamonds. Be sure to share with the fans around the world.

Pierre Desir interviews:

Pierre Desir

Brendan Munnerlyn interviews:


Shaquil Barrett interviews:


DJ Tialavea interview:


Devin Street interview:

Devin Street

Abdul Smith interviews:


Josh Mauro interview:


Jeff Janis interviews:


Alden Darby interview:


Paul Porras interview:


Jeremy Butler interview:


Thank you and God Bless,
Joseph Muia


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