Taking the air by surprise in recently weeks of making an impact in the Pittsburgh Steelers world is a rude dog. Wait, it is not a rude dog it is a human voice that you can hear and that you would love to listen to. That voice is no other than Rudy Reyes aka Rude Dog.

Reyes is a very hard self motivated individual who has a lot of determination of being the best in this business.

Within six weeks of starting with 970 ESPN, Reyes has conducted nine interviews. I can say that I have never seen that in my whole life. During that time period two are retired Steelers players, one free agent, two current players, one Raider who formerly played with the Steelers, and three draft prospects.

What is surprising to me is that Reyes never asks the same questions. In that six weeks and conducting that many interviews it would be so easy to transcript the same format and questions. Instead Reyes does his homework as he should and makes the interview feel you at a local barber shop than listening to a professional interview.

Yes you would want to be professional when speaking to the players and Reyes is exactly like that, but you would like the players to connect with who you are as a person. For the player not to think that you are a reporter but more of a friend in the back yard having a cookout. I can hear it in their voice that is how they feel.

Remember long time ago you would watch a TV sport show and every anchor had a suit and tie as part of their outfit? The tie would be so tight on one of the anchor that when they would swallow you could hear the snot in their nose gargle.

Now when you watch ESPN or NFL Network they don’t usually wear a tie and the top button is not button. I could be wrong but I go off my heart and say the producers wanted the anchors to be relaxed and comfortable for the viewers.

With Reyes interviews you can tell that the player and Reyes are very comfortable like they have met before. The interviews are close to thirty minutes long. When you listen you feel you have known the player as well if you haven’t already done so.

So here is your chance now to read and listen to the great interviews. As always let’s share the great news with other Steelers fans and root for Reyes as us fans follow him on his journey.

Tyrone Carter interview

Marshall McFadden interview:

Damon Cromartie-Smith interview:

Pierre Desir interview:

Rodney Bailey interview

Kelvin Beachum interview:

Arthur Moats interview:

Brendan Munnerlyn interview:

Shaquil Barrett interview:

God Bless,


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