Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft

This is my third mock draft! I have the names of the player, with a video. I also comment on why I think the Pittsburgh Steelers should draft the player. Remember though nobody knows what players the Steelers will draft. The draft to me is very overrated. Sometimes a player gets drafted and out of the league in three years. While other times, they are a six round star that makes it to the Hall Of Fame.

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1 Round- 15 Pick:

Why CJ Mosley over other picks like Darqueze Dennard, Mike Evans, or Kelvin Benjamin? The names of those players very well deserve to pick if on the board. I don’t see Mike Evans being on the board though. That leaves Dennard and Benjamin to choose from or Mosley. With the pickup of Lance Moore and Darrius Heyward-Bey I think the Steelers feel at ease of waiting until fifth round to pick their big tall wideout. You might say why not Dennard? There is a sleeper that Kevin Colbert has to be looking at. I even tweeted to Mike Tomlin and told him to pick this star up. Dennard is good but we have more of a problem at the middle linebacker than any other position in my book. Mosely has been quoted as a three down linebacker for the NFL. No matter how you feel or what you think Vince Williams and Arthur Moats is only a two down linebacker. Both are very talented at stopping the run. Yet, Terence Garvin is more capable of playing nickel and dime package. It was showed last year of putting Garvin over Kion Wilson and Vince Williams in the game for pass coverage. So knowing this we need a guy that can fill Larry Foote shoes. That is a quick, smart, and three down linebacker. This man name CJ Mosley is that player. If you say big deal Steelers don’t need Mosley, than ask yourself this, who can replace Lawrence Timmons right now on the roster if Timmons goes down due to injury? We will be in the same boat we was last year. Draft Mosley and move on to the second pick.

2 Round 46 Pick:

In my eyes Steelers need to sign Brett Keisel to a one year deal. With the loss of Al Woods and Ziggy Hood it put the Steelers in a situation to find depth and leadership. Steelers were looking hard into signing Alex Carrington but Carrington signed with the Rams. Last year running backs from the opposing teams were able to rush on the outside. The facts were the defense of ends and outside linebackers were not able to seal the outside. This young man has every tool you need to not only stop the run but pressure the opposing quarterback.

3 Round 97 Pick:
Telvin Smith OLB

Jarvis Jones needs more improvement. Arthur Moats could push Jones on the bench. I say that again! I think Moats can and will put so much pressure on Jones that it could bench him. However, like I said before what if Timmons goes down who would step in his place? The answer to the question right now be Moats. So, you need more depth at outside linebacker. You need to draft a player that can tackle and quick. As well, do you really have that much confidence in Chris Carter? Depth is the key to the third round!

4 Round 118 Pick:

The biggest sleeper of the draft! Some would say this guy reminds them of Richard Sherman. Ok, I am thinking of a guy that can play more of the field than Sherman. I am also thinking of a guy that likes to bat the ball down as well can intercept the ball. Who did Steelers lose because of money? That is right Keenan Lewis! I think Steelers should consider this big sleeper and draft Desir. Not only can he play like Lewis in the backfield but he can return kicks. He is a track star like Cortez Allen. Much faster on the field than what a combine stat would show.

5 Round 157 Pick:

Here is your big tall wide out. Has the body type like Plaxico Burress. A guy that can score touchdowns and a man that can catch the deep pass. Look lets be real with one another. You want a red zone threat; this guy can do just that. You want a guy that can take a safety and corner to open the underneaths of Antonio Brown and Heath Miller, this guy can do it.

5 Round 173 Pick:
Michael Sam OLB

There is the right side outside linebacker and there is your left side linebacker. Depth again was the biggest issue the Steelers had last year. Seattle Seahawks has a rotation of eight men coming in and out. Don’t you want to see the old Steelers blitz package again. Michael Sam can not only give you a pass rusher but he can bring you the lion within him. Sam wants to show everybody he can play. Out of everybody on the draft board, nobody is hungrier than Sam.

6 Round 193 Pick:
Colton Underwood DE

We need a young Aaron Smith player. Everybody wants to bounce Steve McLendon outside but that is not going to happen. Some would say Cam Thomas can play outside. Sure he can and so can McLendon. The truth is, Keisel is gone from the team or will be gone after this year. We need a young stud that can stop the run like the old days. This young stud can do just that!

6 Round 215 Pick:

Not worried how much longer Heath Millers has to play. I wonder how long Matt Speath, David Paulson, and Michael Palmer have. To me Paulson shouldn’t be on the team. Palmer is only depth and a special team player. Speath is a blocker and that is all. So bring in a guy that is a blocker. Bring in the same guy that Speath is right now and have hopes that he can succeed in the pass game better than Speath.

7 Round 231 Pick:
Ladarius Perkins RB

A small back that is flashy. Steelers wanted Chris Rainey but that failed. Steelers wanted Laron Stephens-Howling but that failed. This is your speed guy that is great with 3rd down conversions. This running back not only can catch the ball but is very good with is vision on running plays. So if Blount gets hurt, well you can ride Perkins until he comes back.

This ends my third mock draft! Please leave comments…

I am not saying I am an expert by any means. I was right about Jason Worilds and I was wrong about how good Antonio Brown would be last year. What I will say though, what I am right about is that Pierre Desir will be the best coming out of this draft class. Three years from now we are all going to say “WHAT A PLAYER”.

God Bless,


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