Introducing Rookie Shamarko Thomas!!!

This has been the best blog I have ever done. It shows in life that we all have ups and downs but in the end, we stand on are own two feet. At the end of the day, God will bless us!

God Bless,

Steel Nation Generation


Last Wednesday, I was viewing the Mock Drafts, and wondering who should the Pittsburgh Steelers be picking in the draft. I had names in my head of where players should be drafted, and how the Steelers could use them on their team. While looking at different Mock Drafts and learning players strongest and weakness playing abilities, I would also see what character they were on and off the field. While doing so I read a story that touched my heart. A player that was very good at playing football and had tough times that came in his life at a young age, yet he never gave up. It left a big impression of him in my heart that I wrote his name down on a piece of paper at work, and said “God, Let the Steelers draft this man!”

So let me introduce you to our fourth round pick, 111th…

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