To the Steelers Nation, I can say loud and confident that I do believe that LeGarrette Blount will be the Pittsburgh Steelers backup running back. My heart and gut feeling says that I am right about this.

Blount was not drafted in the 2010 draft. After a meeting with Jeff Fisher, Blount was signed as an undrafted free agent. It did not take long before Coach Fisher had to deal with Blount’s left hand or right hand punches. During an altercation during practice, Blount was involved with defense of end Eric Bakhtiari where punches were being thrown. Blount was asked to leave the field and doing so, Blount told Coach Fisher he was sorry. Fisher response to Blount was he didn’t have to apologize. Fisher stated that Blount is very competitive and that is why they signed him. Blount would end up being waived on September 05, 2010.

The next day September 06, 2010 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would claim Blount off of waivers. At the end of his rookie season Blount would finish with 1,007 yards in 13 games. It was the most rushing yards by any rookie in the 2010 draft.

April 27, 2013 Blount was traded to the New England Patriots and December 29, against the Bills would set a franchise record for all purpose yards with 334 yards.
Last season, Blount ran for 772 total yards and average 5.0 yards a carry. With that said, I think the Steelers can tell that Blount is still able to run successfully. Blount made 680,000 dollars last year which is not a lot for somebody to be a backup runner. If the Steelers can sign a deal with Blount from 1.2 million or under than I DO BELIEVE, he is signed and delivered. Not only will we have a backup running back that also can do kickoff returns as well, but a guy that can deliver that punch to the defense.

So Steelers Nation get your terrible towels out and wave them around… screaming hiya!

God Bless,


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