NFL Draft Prospect Michael Sam Title?

What is your tile for Michael Sam?


I have said over and over again to judge a football player not by uniform, but the man under the helmet. I think it is unfair to say you are a die-hard fan and only root for the players on Sunday and could care less for preseason, during the week of practices, or their well being off the field. I KNOW this page is full of die-hard fans who root for players when they see mock drafts of experts saying who the Steelers should draft. Fans comments saying “no don’t get that player, for I think so and so is a great player.” Fans wish players Happy Birthday even during the off season to show their love to them. Those are some ways that the fans show love and how they are truly die-hard. So what if Steelers draft Michael Sam? Will you call him the gay player? Will you call him a fag? Will you have a title for him? Another title than just a football player? I CAN SAY HE WILL BE A BROTHER TO ME. I can say that Sam will be on my friend list…I will be a fan on and off the field. I will be not just a fan but a die- hard fan. Calling him anything less than a brother of christ is wrong! This man had a hard life and we can feel his pain for we all have as well. His parents divorce…he watched his oldest brother die of a gun shot wound….older brother has been missing since 1998…. Also two brothers are in prison….and a sister before he was born died in infancy. When he was a child Sam had to live in his mother’s car. How many of us can relate to homeless? To losing a love one? Parents getting a divorce? A love one in prison? So all it shows is Sam is as human as we are. It is nothing more and nothing less. So from here on out the media will say gay guy. Yet let yourself say Michael Sam after they say that. You should be the better person than the people that wants to tear a human being down by a title, and not by their character of their full life.

Thank you and God Bless,

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