Is the NFL Draft overrated?

Do you really care about the NFL Draft?


Teams will start scouting players and finding out who would fit their gap on their roster with hopes of a superstar emerging. The question though, is it overrated? So many players that are picked up in the 1st round have fell short of their dreams in the NFL. As some players shine and succeed others players will vanish from the spot light and never be seen or heard from again. Players are coming from small school into the National Football League and have done well to show light that they can come from a small town or school. You have players that never even get drafted on draft day and become stars later on in the league. You have players like Warren Moon, John Randle, Brian Waters, Priest Holmes, Antonio Gates, and Tony Romo who was not drafted on draft day. For us Steelers fans you had Willie Parker, James Harrison, Donnie Shell, Steve McLendon, and Jack Butler. Out of those names who would you want to draft in an 8 round draft? I am sure you would pick all above. Now you do have 1st round picks be elite and of course we know who they are. Players like Peyton Manning, Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Warren Sapp, Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Joe Greene and others. Those are special players that help win Superbowls. Yet last I looked you have 11 men on the field and those that were undrafted were and are special to make a team a contender in the playoffs plus Superbowl. Now, not all 1st round picks go as well as teams would like. Take players like Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Cade McNown, David Carr, Heath Shuler, and Akili Smith who all fell so short of being a remember for good skills at their positions. So what is the truth about the draft? Shouldn’t the 1st round be so easy to pick and the people that don’t get drafted be never heard from again?

Yet it seems you can be a player that never got drafted and become a superstar in this league. Try to tell me 40 years from now when talking about good Superbowls people will not mention the interception of James Harrison. Not only did he intercept the ball but returned 100 yards with no time on the clock.

So come draft day, you will hear experts say who teams should draft and shouldn’t pickup. Yet why not base your opinion on the person underneath the helmet? Last draft I did a prayer that we pick up Shamarko Thomas because of his hard life he experience. My prayer was answered and to be very honest, I am thrilled. Not only is he a man of character under the helmet but will be a heck of a football player. So why not you try to base it on the character the person is, instead of the college game. As Tim Tebow can show, college is way different. So many players can look good in the college game but the National Football League is full of grown men who can hit and run a lot faster. I am sure you will have a college star like Christopher Weinke who was 25 years old playing for Florida State tell you that College is a grown man sport. The school even retired his jersey. How well did Weinke do in the National Football League? His quarterback rating was 62.2.

So again, don’t come to me saying this player is a bust or this player is a stud. The truth is, what makes them is the character in who they are. Some players can fake it and other players can make it.

God Bless,


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