Is the NFL Draft overrated?

Do you really care about the NFL Draft?


Teams will start scouting players and finding out who would fit their gap on their roster with hopes of a superstar emerging. The question though, is it overrated? So many players that are picked up in the 1st round have fell short of their dreams in the NFL. As some players shine and succeed others players will vanish from the spot light and never be seen or heard from again. Players are coming from small school into the National Football League and have done well to show light that they can come from a small town or school. You have players that never even get drafted on draft day and become stars later on in the league. You have players like Warren Moon, John Randle, Brian Waters, Priest Holmes, Antonio Gates, and Tony Romo who was not drafted on draft day. For us Steelers fans you had Willie Parker, James Harrison, Donnie Shell, Steve McLendon, and Jack Butler. Out of those names who would you want to draft in an 8 round draft? I am sure you would pick all above. Now you do have 1st round picks be elite and of course we know who they are. Players like Peyton Manning, Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Warren Sapp, Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Joe Greene and others. Those are special players that help win Superbowls. Yet last I looked you have 11 men on the field and those that were undrafted were and are special to make a team a contender in the playoffs plus Superbowl. Now, not all 1st round picks go as well as teams would like. Take players like Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Cade McNown, David Carr, Heath Shuler, and Akili Smith who all fell so short of being a remember for good skills at their positions. So what is the truth about the draft? Shouldn’t the 1st round be so easy to pick and the people that don’t get drafted be never heard from again?

Yet it seems you can be a player that never got drafted and become a superstar in this league. Try to tell me 40 years from now when talking about good Superbowls people will not mention the interception of James Harrison. Not only did he intercept the ball but returned 100 yards with no time on the clock.

So come draft day, you will hear experts say who teams should draft and shouldn’t pickup. Yet why not base your opinion on the person underneath the helmet? Last draft I did a prayer that we pick up Shamarko Thomas because of his hard life he experience. My prayer was answered and to be very honest, I am thrilled. Not only is he a man of character under the helmet but will be a heck of a football player. So why not you try to base it on the character the person is, instead of the college game. As Tim Tebow can show, college is way different. So many players can look good in the college game but the National Football League is full of grown men who can hit and run a lot faster. I am sure you will have a college star like Christopher Weinke who was 25 years old playing for Florida State tell you that College is a grown man sport. The school even retired his jersey. How well did Weinke do in the National Football League? His quarterback rating was 62.2.

So again, don’t come to me saying this player is a bust or this player is a stud. The truth is, what makes them is the character in who they are. Some players can fake it and other players can make it.

God Bless,


Myron Cope spoke to me today!

My Vision with Myron Cope:


I thought what if I could hear Myron Cope speak to me regarding the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers. What would Mr. Cope say about this year’s team and the future of the Steelers. So I asked him and this is what I heard.

Myron Cope sir, can you please sum up the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers in one word?

Sure, I would say “Character” – Cope said

I said, Cope what you mean Character? Then he explained in details these words below.

Oh you young fella, it would be explain as character because of all the trials and tribulations. Just listen to my voice and hear the content. The Steelers had three new coaches this year which were Danny Smith, Richard Mann, and Jack Bicknell Jr. It takes time for new coaches to come in and adjust their way of coaching. It takes character for a coach to adjust to other coaches and players on and off the playing field. This year’s team was like the last couple of years of losing key players. Steelers lost players Keenan Lewis, Mike Wallace, Casey Hampton, and James Harrison to name the few, which were players that were productive. Steelers replace those players with younger guys that showed promise but you never know what you will truly get out of them. Yet you do the old slang “BELIEVE” and you put your head down and pray. The very first game of the season, Steelers lost both captains. Who would ever think that this would even happen? The Steelers would lose Maurice Pouncey after eight snaps. Than later in the game Steelers lose Larry Foote. They are the team captains for a reason! When you find out the news that both players are gone for the season, you become shock. You think who can step up in their footsteps and define their own character? Those players were Kelvin Beachum and Kion Wilson. One will shine, and the other player will fall. I must say when I think of Beachum, I scream Yoi! The man can do all things but bring me back to the booth. The last Steelers offense lineman that could do it all was Trai Essex and Essex was a two time Superbowl winner. As one man, Kion Wilson didn’t show the true Steelers character another player name Vince Williams would get his chance. Not like Wilson who played for other teams in the NFL, Williams would be a rookie. Usually Steelers tradition is not play a rookie unless needed. Jack Ham was a rookie who started in 1971, and became one of the best in NFL history to ever play the game. I was hoping to see Williams following Ham’s rookie career. Yet, it didn’t take long for the Steelers to see that Vince Williams was more a downhill runner than a cover guy. So that allowed Terence Garvin to get his shot. Garvin showed that he was better at covering than stopping the run. When you are switching players in and out because of the offense calls and matching up what your players strengths are, teams will catch on and make an audible at the line. I am not going to say they can’t fix their weakness because they are only rookies. To be honest Dick Lebeau defense is very hard to grasp. Steelers have tons of blitz packages more than other teams. Took me years to even think what linebacker was supposed to go when a play was called. I think that is the problems with the fans Steel Nation Generation. The fans want to call somebody out after a bad play but never even know what play it is. Sure you can say it was a cover two but the truth is there is other ways a cover two can be designed. How many times you see Troy Polamalu play coverage only to jump the line of scrimmage when the play is being called to blitz? The opposing team quarterback throws a 30 yard pass down field and the blame is on Polamalu for baiting on the play. Fans always want to throw their weight around, but the thing is they are usually wrong. Sometimes I was wrong with other announcers. The old saying, never judge a book by it’s cover. Well, you can’t judge a play call by it’s cover. That is why we typically have the best defense because if you can judge it, than you would be beaten every time.

Anyways, weeks would go on with injuries and young guys playing. A good pick up was Fernando Velasco but the jinx would stay with the Steelers. Of course Velasco would get hurt causing the Steelers to play Cody Wallace. So when the season finally was over, we went thru four centers and had 12 players down and out. Some of those injuries will probably go into the 2014 season. As well, some of those players will be released. The media news reports that the Steelers were 2-6 in the first half of the season, to follow a 6-2 second half of the season.

Why such a turn around? Come on Steel Nation Generation answer it.

My reply to Mr. Cope’s answer:

I think it became a team effort. I think they played with one another and not against each other.

Double Yoi! – Cope Scream (which scared the hell out of me since it was in my ear basically)

Look, every team each year defines each player’s character. Some characters will come in and wreck a locker room. While others characters will build a dynasty. That is why you have preseason and cuts/trades. You weave the players that don’t fit the mold of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think what you saw was not only players finally figuring out who their team member were, but the coaches finding out who the players were. Some players were already on the team and those players played with high potential. I am talking the players that had to be in the game due to injuries or a player because of losing a player during the offseason. You said it in your own words Steel Nation Generation that Lawrence Timmons inside his own helmet, the view from his eyes were different this season. You had young guys Heyward, Hood, McLendon, Williams, Jones, Allen, and Worilds playing. They were young and most were first year starters. Those players had to replace big shoes. You had McLendon for Hampton, Williams for Foote, Allen for Lewis, Jones and Worilds for Harrison. The team lost games was blamed mostly by the defense not able to contain opposing offense. One thing for sure, chemistry doesn’t happen overnight. As the season ended the players learn who each other were. They learn the word trust in the locker room. They believe in their plays and their teammates. They became the PITTSBURGH STEELERS! I am sure next season I will be thought about more than this season. Fans did not mention my name as much this season. My name was not showed around stores on terrible towels. The announcers were boring to say the least. Fans were putting down the Steelers after the 0-4 start. I saw the televisions and radios being turned off before half time. Noticed the Steelers gears were not being worn to parade the team colors around like most years. Seems like the team was losing and the fans gave up on them. Something that took so long to build to greatest, was so easy to betray? A team that had struggles before but won Superbowls was again a team to be talked bad about by fans. Why such things must happen? When you have a high seat like I do, you get to see things that others don’t want you to know about. When the Steelers looked like they had a shot of making the playoffs, fans were having parties at their houses. I saw jersey’s being worn at churches. Fans were on their high horse dancing around that the team would go to the playoffs and win the whole thing. Why does it take a win before you’re a true fan? Every single game I did my part. I gave the fans the energy to wave the towel. The faith to believe dreams does come true. As well, I gave my heart to show I was a fan no matter what. I ask you from here on out, be the same way. Respect the team no matter what the cause. Another person talks bad about them, turn the other cheek. They slap you, look at them and tell them the The Terrible Towel is Poised to Strike!

Next year will bring another year of trials and tribulations, but how will you be a fan? As well, how will these fine characters play and coach together? The answer will be answered after next year season is over. I just hope the answer though will remain the same from character to character, that they become as one THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!