Who was Steelers best run stopper?

Who was Steelers best run stopper?

Some would say Lawrence Timmons or Troy Polamalu would be the best run stopper for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. Maybe some would say Ryan Clark!

The truth is, it was Steve McLendon!


I am so happy to announce that because McLendon had the biggest shoes to fill. Sure Jason Worilds had to fill James Harrison and Cortez Allen for Kennan Lewis, but the truth is Hampton was the force of run stopping and never seem to be on a decline. Stats don’t lie, Stats is what people likes to see and stats will always speak louder than my words.

During the season some fans were asking for Hampton to comeback. Fans said the Steelers should draft a nose tackle in 2014. Well, the truth is, McLendon was the best defender playing against the run and out played Casey Hampton by stats. Actually, McLendon out played Hampton in every category and played 144 less snaps. Will Steelers draft a 2014 nose tackle? The answer is clear… NO!You have Al Woods that can play nose tackle and defense of end. As well Cameron Heyward… Ziggy Hood too. So no nose tackle for this year’s draft no matter how you feel. Yet the below link is only about McLendon and what he has done for his first year starting for the Steelers.

About week four I stated to watch McLendon and stated that nose tackles are never usually seen down the field after the runner breaks the line of scrimmage. Yet, you will always find McLendon running down the field. Take the Jets game for instance. McLendon save the game for us causing that fumble. Earlier in the game McLendon played defense of end and chased Geno Smith to this left which caused Smith to throw a bad pass and Ryan Clark intercepted the ball. Well, in the below link you can view the Vikings play and see McLendon being the next person down the field. Truth is… you will never find a nose tackle so explosive as Joe Greene, Warren Sapp, and some other elite players. However, when you do find a player that shows potential and shows heart for the game…. and never gives up… it is us fans that need to be proud… and it is us fans to be loyal. It is us fans when we wave the terrible towel we say “GO STEVE McLENDON”!


God Bless,


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