Wave that terrible towel goodbye!

terrible towels

Breakdown below of what I think of the Pittsburgh Steelers 53 man roster. If I state “wave that terrible towel goodbye”, it means I think the Steelers will cut or trade the player.

76 Adams, Mike
Moves from LT to RT and now more of a Tight end unless playing for a hurt player. I would do everything this offseason to try to work him as a starter or backup.

28 Allen, Cortez
Shows more speed and hops than Ike Taylor but is growing in the cornerback position. I think another year or so he will be mentioned as Steelers best cornerback.

20 Allen, Will
Five turnovers since coming back to the burgh. Why not resign him to stay with us? I think Allen is a leader in the locker room as well.

68 Beachum, Kelvin
Can you say Trai Essex Jr.??? Truth is Beachum is one of the Steelers MVP. To play all positions to high standards is remarkable. JOB WELL DONE!

26 Bell, Le’Veon
Just that, a rookie that is learning the game. However, with time be consider as a TOP RUNNING BACK. I see good things coming from Mr. Bell.

41 Blake, Antwon
Use to be Curtis Brown being our best special team player but by far it has been Antwon Blake. Steelers will have him next year for sure.

84 Brown, Antonio
I never thought Brown would be this good. So for that, I am sorry! He deserves to be the MVP of the Steelers this year.

54 Carter, Chris
You only see Carter on special team, yet he never makes any tackles. This was his last season with us. WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

25 Clark, Ryan
Giving up big plays and to slow to recover to make the stop. Only good with the run stopping. Steelers has to say goodbye. WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

89 Cotchery, Jerricho
This man should be second on the depth chart. The hands are automatic. Big time player but lacks speed. Truth is…Hines Ward Jr. and we LOVE HIM!

66 DeCastro, David
Growing as one of the best Steelers O-line guy. Just needs to focus more.

27 Dwyer, Jonathan
Way better than Isaac Redman and glad the Steelers finally saw that. I think Steelers will keep Dwyer but only one more season as backup to Bell. Than after that Dwyer will move on to being a number two running back or a starter for more money.

92 Fangupo, Hebron
No playing time as of yet but special team. No comments because I have no clue how good or bad Fangupo plays.

73 Foster, Ramon
Injury prone but when healthy a beast! I hope Steelers keep Foster for five more years.

57 Garvin, Terence
Saw Garvin play against the Ravens but other than that just special teams. Garvin is a working project that will be just fine!

22 Gay, William
Best season ever for Gay. Welcome home!

77 Gilbert, Marcus
At first I would of said Gilbert needs to be cut or traded but with time is learning the game. Just the game is to fast for him. Hope soon it slows down for Gilbert.

21 Golden, Robert
Where the hell is Golden? I thought Golden be mentioned every single game. However, always on the bench. Maybe gone after this season. To hard to tell.

5 Gradkowski, Bruce
Backup and will stay that way for awhile here in Pittsburgh.

39 Green, Isaiah
On the squad and off the squad. On the squad and off! Steelers will play jump rope until the season is over with Green and than cut ties and WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

97 Heyward, Cameron
Most physical player on the Steelers defense right now. Probably be mentioned in the category of Justin Tuck in the next couple of years. No lie, Heyward keeps getting better and better.

96 Hood, Ziggy
Been playing well with Keisel being hurt. Probably able to keep his job now. However he will stand in Heyward shadow.

46 Johnson, Will
A full back that is not used as a full back but two games this season. Makes me wonder why Johnson is on the team or why Haley is the offense coach.

23 Jones, Felix
Be real here! Jones is only here for insurance, incase a runner gets hurt. WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

95 Jones, Jarvis
Jones truly showed he is only a rookie and needs time to grow. However, needs to learn that at linebacker position is more than slapping an offense lineman hands.

3 Jones, Landry
Backup and staying as one.

99 Keisel, Brett
Might be Keisel last season with us due to his injury and age.

10 McBriar, Mat
No comments because no punter has been good for us this year. Will need to address this in the offseason. WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

90 McLendon, Steve
No Hampton of taking up space for the A and B Gap of getting double team, but McLendon has played very well for his first year being a starter. He will be back as the starter next year. One thing I noticed about McLendon is the heart of a lion. You will notice McLendon in view of the play after the runner ran twenty five yards down field. Take notice of the force fumble he caused against the Jets which helped us win the game.

83 Miller, Heath
Is Miller still playing hurt or playing with to much fear? Something is not right with Miller. Only time will tell the truth.

14 Moye, Derek
Standing at 6-5 and no playing time? Thought Steelers kept saying they were looking for a big man for the red zone. Question Todd Haley thoughts of why doesn’t Haley use Moye.

62 Olsen, Eric
Backup, no comment

82 Palmer, Michael
Palmer has played better than Paulson for sure. So I think Palmer be with us next year behind Miller and Speath.

81 Paulson, David
This offense doesn’t fit Paulsen at all. So, traded or cut… whatever it is…WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

43 Polamalu, Troy
ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR! The answer, YES I WILL! I see one more year with Polamalu and the fans will be happy.

7 Roethlisberger, Ben
We are not losing Big Ben and nor should we. His fault for losing games? Nah, Roethlisberger is top seven quarterback in the league. Big Ben stays!

88 Sanders, Emmanuel
Not worth number one or number two receiver in my eyes. The speed does kill. However, the drop balls KILLS too. Toughest decision. I think Steelers don’t want to wave the terrible towel to Sanders but instead Sanders will wave on to them and leave for more money like Mike Wallace did.

71 Snow, David
Backup, no comment

87 Spaeth, Matt
I guess we will see what Speath can do now that he is healthy.

6 Suisham, Shaun
Nobody is perfect! I don’t think Suisham cost us the game against Ravens. The Steelers were so bad on numerous levels. Steelers will keep Suisham because he is good enough.

55 Sylvester, Stevenson
Resigned back to the Steelers off of free agent list. Yet, will be gone at the end of the season. Only a body right now on the team. To many injuries for Sly and Keith Butler has lost confidence in Sylvester. WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

24 Taylor, Ike
Our best cornerback for years has been the most disappointing player this year. Able to shut down corners like A.J. Green and Brandon Marshall was great but way to slow to guard the best after the seventh week. What does that mean? Well that means Taylors legs are getting up in age and his body wears down. Rooney though will not let Taylor get traded or cut. All Steelers fans know Taylor is treated like their own son in the family. One day Taylor was tired and was able to fall asleep on the Rooney’s couch in his office. Taylor will stay until Taylor himself states, I’m to old and slow and hurting the team.

29 Thomas, Shamarko
Bang Bang Thomas will give you a headache with his hits. Is Thomas the next Bob Sanders? I sure hope not because if he truly is… he be out of the league in three years. I hope Thomas can dish hits without using his head and neck.

94 Timmons, Lawrence
Our best linebacker! Yet, I feel Timmons doesn’t play to his fullest. Needs a side kick to push him every play. Does Timmons slack off on any plays? No I would not say that by any means. I am saying though needs a linebacker to scream at Timmons to run full speed through the holes and blitz the quarterback at 100mph. The last guy to do that would have been Farrior. Just seems Timmons takes notice of a hole and doesn’t run full speed into it unless it bounces outside.

72 Wallace, Cody
Totally not a NFL player. Sorry Wallace but, WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

60 Warren, Greg
I think Warren be our Gary Anderson. You will see Warren around for the ages. Thank God he doesn’t start growing a beard.

11 Wheaton, Markus
Fast-Fast-Fast that will be moved to the second spot in his third year. Quote that! Also frame it. Great hands as well. Just right now his rookie level is hurting him. Missed training camp and than a broken pinky finger that sidelines him for weeks.

78 Whimper, Guy
Ok backup player that can play one or two games a season. Not with us though, WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

98 Williams, Vince
Another project in the making that might turn out to be a player that can be like Larry Foote. Not a sack, Int, or Force Fumble linebacker but a linebacker that can do just enough to stand out on plays and force the opposing team to punt.

48 Wilson, Kion
Where have you gone? Was a starter than off the team. Than practice squad and now back on the 53 man roster. After this season, WAVE THE TERRIBLE TOWEL GOODBYE!

56 Woodley, LaMarr
Ouch he is hurt again! If Woodley can stay healthy, Woodley and Worilds can be the Woodley/Harrison or LLoyd/Greene Linebacker duo.

65 Woods, Al
A run stopper that can be a starter nose tackle if McLendon goes down to injury. However, other teams will take notice of that and try to snatch Woods from us.

93 Worilds, Jason
The next Harrison, Porter, LLoyd, Greene, or whoever you want to say next. This man will have the World in his hands..Worilds will be elite.

So yea, after this season there might not be a Brett Keisel playing with the Steelers because of is injury and his age against him. I believe that Ryan Clark will be released. Than the common players that will be cut like Guy Whimper, Cody Wallace, Kion Wilson and others I have listed above. Than it comes down to players like Al Woods being noticed from other teams that Woods can be a starter nose tackle and offer Woods money to leave Pittsburgh.

Emmanuel Sanders will probably want more money than he deserves will cause a problem during the offseason. What does Sanders have that Steelers love? Well his speed of course. So will the Steelers keep Sanders for less money since he has big drops this season that cost us a win against the Ravens, or will Sanders leave to be a number two receiver else where making more money? I would think Sanders will leave because not only money talks but knowing the Steelers are a pretender for playoffs and not a contender.

Another thing, I have read where so many people are downing the whole team but there are players that are playing with so much heart and love for the game that they shouldn’t be mentioned as a bad player. Players like Cameron Heyward, Jason Worilds, and Le’Veon Bell are young and becoming the future stars of the Steelers. These three players are doing what is asked of them each week. Take Heyward and Worilds moving position to position but still getting the job done. Than you have Bell just running so hard and jumping over players to gain one yard. What a hit he took against Jimmy Smith of the Ravens.

I mentioned this before but when you have Steve McLendon the biggest player on the team running down twenty yards after the runner broke free and see McLendon in camera view that is heart. No tapping of the helmet to ask for a sub to come in the game.

How about Jonathan Dwyer who was totally disrespected by the Steelers over and over again but yet does his job on game day. As stated before Dwyer is the leader of the running back committee.

Something else I have stated before on my facebook page “Steel Nation Generation” is for all the Big Ben haters out there, name another quarterback out there that has the O-line Ben has had since 2008? A player that has been hit over and over again suffering injuries, yet standing up and saying… huddle. Never do you see Big Ben standing there pointing a player out or asking Steelers to put in the backup quarterback. The trade rumor was just that, a rumor. We have a star quarterback that loves Pittsburgh and will stay. We the fans have to LOVE HIM… and RESPECT HIM.

One thing is for sure, Haley will probably be let go not only for offense issues but his personal life. I also think the offense line coach Jack Bicknell, Jr. needs to go as well. Tomlin will stay one more year to try to make it work but we need depth on the roster when a player is hurt or needs a sub, but we need coaches to step their game plan as well.

There will be coaches and players with the Steelers leaving due to trades or free agents. Some will be big names and us fans will not be happy. Yet we need to realize that we truly need to rebuild and find the best players that the Steelers can afford.

God Bless,
Joseph Muia

Facebook: Steel Nation Generation
Email: Steelnationgeneration@gmail.com


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