Come listen to me!

Something I am playing around with and really haven’t made it a weekly thing, but I would like to make it known more about, is my podcast. How do you get people to know about it? Well, share the information! So this is a start.

So feel free to vist my podcast at

My goal is after the NFL season, is to keep the name Steel Nation Generation, but talk about other sports. It will be a site just to talk and express your opinions. There will be no right and wrong on any subject we speak about for we all have different views which is fine in life. When I speak it will be from my heart and how I honestly feel about a situation. I will keep it real with you, and I would hope that you would do the same thing with me.

As well, if you like to email me you can do so at:

God Bless,

Joseph Muia


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