Week 12 Picks!


Awesome games coming up this week! The matchups of the Jets playing the Ravens doesn’t look like a good game on paper, but on the field their will be pushing and shoving to win this game. Only the team with the slight better offense will win this slow low scoring game. I am sure it will go down to a field goal. As well can the front lineman of the Dolphins contain Cam Newton from running? You have Deion Jordan that might play more as a spy than a rusher to contain Newton from running. I would say this will be another nail biter game. Another game, Andrew Luck playing the Cardinals is not an easy task. Don’t go ahead and think the Colts will win this game. I see the Cardinals making it a close game and pulling out with the last three minutes on the clock and Luck having the final drive, but not enough 1st downs to keep the ball moving. Cardinal defense makes the last final stop! When does the Cowboys play the Gaints and the game is never good? You will see the hot Giants that has won 4 in a row play a close game as well with the Gunner Tony Romo. Will Romo make a mistake that cost them? We shall see….but my heart says no it will be their wide receivers.

Than the game of the week… Broncos playing Patriots. This game here is going to be a show down of the two greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. If the game is tie and there is only one minute on the clock, the winner of the game is who has the ball and quarterback on the last drive. However, that is how fans want to see this game. Yet, I think Broncos defense is to good for the Patriots offense and Broncos pull away in the fourth quarter with about five minutes left in the game.

Hot teams to watch out for: Steelers-Gaints-Panthers

Saints Vs Falcons
= Saints

Jets Vs Ravens
= Jets

Browns Vs Steelers
= Steelers

Buccaneers Vs Lions
= Lions

Vikings Vs Packers
= Packers

Jaquars Vs Texans
= Texans

Chargers Vs Chiefs
= Chiefs

Panthers Vs Dolphins
= Dolphins

Bears Vs Rams
= Bears

Colts Vs Cardinals
= Cardinals

Titans Vs Raiders
= Titans

Cowboys Vs Gaints
= Giants

Broncos Vs Patriots (Game of the Week)
= Broncos

49ers Vs Redskins
= 49ers

Week one: 13-3
Week two: 12-4
Week Three: 8-8
Week Four: 8-8
Week Five: 8-6
Week Six: 12-3
Week Seven: 7-8
Week Eight: 8-5
Week Nine: 9-4
Week Ten: 10-4
Week eleven: 10-5


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