Week 11 Picks!


First start off by saying, you can never count out the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is the biggest week of the season for us. If we can beat the Detroit Lions this Sunday, than we have a big shot of playoffs in my book. GO STEELERS!

Colts Vs Titans
= Colts

Jets Vs Bills
= Jets

Falcons Vs Buccaneers
= Falcons

Lions Vs Steelers
= Steelers

Redskins Vs Eagles
= Eagles

Cardinals Vs Jaquars
= Cardinals

Raiders Vs Texans
= Texans

Ravens Vs Bears
= Bears

Browns Vs Bengals
= Bengals

Chargers Vs Dolphins
= Chargers

Packers Vs Gaints
= Giants

Vikings Vs Seahawks
= Seahawks

49ers Vs Saints
= Saints

Chiefs Vs Broncos
= Broncos

Patriots Vs Panthers
= Patriots

Week one: 13-3
Week two: 12-4
Week Three: 8-8
Week Four: 8-8
Week Five: 8-6
Week Six: 12-3
Week Seven: 7-8
Week Eight: 8-5
Week Nine: 9-4
Week Ten: 10-4


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