Week 10 Picks!


A lot better last week but still not good enough. A guy name Frank in one of my leagues had all the games right. This week, I have to show that I can do the same.

Redskins Vs Vikings
= Vikings

Seahawks Vs Falcons
= Seahawks

Bengals Vs Ravens
= Bengals

Lions Vs Bears
= Lions

Eagles Vs Packers
= Eagles

Rams Vs Colts
= Colts

Raiders Vs Giants
= Giants

Bills Vs Steelers
= Steelers

Jaquars Vs Titans
= Titans

Panthers Vs 49ers
= 49ers

Texans Vs Cardinals
= Cardinals

Broncos Vs Chargers
= Broncos

Cowboys Vs Saints
= Saints

Dolphins Vs Buccaneers
= Buccaneers

Week one: 13-3
Week two: 12-4
Week Three: 8-8
Week Four: 8-8
Week Five: 8-6
Week Six: 12-3
Week Seven: 7-8
Week Eight: 8-5
Week Nine: 9-4


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