Badass Rookies

The members of the 2013 rookie class of the Pittsburgh Steelers have been given a task that most Steelers rookies haven’t in the past. That task was to play as soon as possible. Given their talents they were able to be given starting positions over other talented players. One starter, Vince Williams, has gotten his shot at stardom because Larry Foote is out for the season. I am not speaking just for myself but for the whole Steelers Nation when I say that we are very proud of this year’s draft class.


Thomas’ career high is 7 tackles in the Bengals game and he plays a big part on special teams. Usually, Thomas is the first player that can be seen around the punt returner.


I would think Jones has the most Quarterback pressures this season. It seems like every week he has pressured the Quarterbacks. There was one fairly easy sack which he missed against Geno Smith, but later in the game Jones hitting Smith resulted in Timmons’ interception. Against the Bengals, Jones made 7 tackles which is his career high in a single game.

BS sp-p12-ravens-steelers-fox

Williams is ranked 5th in total tackles this season with having made 24 so far. The most he racked up in a single game this season was 7 tackles against the Bengals. He has been very productive on special teams.


Garvin hasn’t had many tackles, but his presence is certainly known though on special teams. Against the Jets, Garvin nearly blocked two punts. Playing on special teams, is the reason Garvin is on the 53 man roster.


TDS- 2
REC- 8
LONG- 19

Bell is our leading rusher this season. For the first time ever with the help of Bell, the Steelers ran the wildcat. That shows complete trust in the rookie’s ablility. Great vision and size will be the key to Bell’s success. A friend of mine stated that Bell likes to keep his legs moving and he falls forward.

So what has this rookie class done for the Pittsburgh Steelers? Well it is simple, they have put their hearts into the game to give it their all and they have made us cheer them on along the way. What a draft class this truly is, and there is much more potential to be seen. You will notice that there are some rookies that I haven’t mentioned. These gentlemen did not make my list, because in my eyes they haven’t quite made a significant impact yet. However, give them time and they will be on the same level as those from their class who have been mentioned. Take Markus Wheaton for example, when he is healthy he will be a star! This draft class will be talked about for decades regarding how well they played. They will be known as a badass rookie class.

God Bless,


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