Week 6 Picks!


Can somebody help me and some experts on making the picks? Ok, I am kidding but what a strange season this has been so far. This has been a bad season for me. However, I truly think this is a easy week and this should get me back on the winning track.

Giants Vs Bears
= Bears

Packers Vs Ravens
= Packers

Bengals Vs Bills
= Bengals

Lions Vs Browns
= Lions

Rams Vs Texans
= Texans

Raiders Vs Chiefs
= Chiefs

Pathers Vs Vikings
= Vikings

Steelers Vs Jets
= Steelers

Eagles Vs Buccaneers
= Eagles

Jaquars Vs Broncos
= Broncos

Titans Vs Seahawks
= Seahawks

Saints Vs Patriots
= Saints

Cardinals Vs 49ers
= 49ers

Redskins Vs Cowboys
= Cowboys

Colts Vs Chargers
= Chargers

OK, Let’s do this!!! Let’s win games!!!

Week one: 13-3
Week two: 12-4
Week Three: 8-8
Week Four: 8-8
Week Five: 8-6


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