Week 5 Picks!

Steve Mclendon NICE

Bills Vs Browns
= Browns

Patriots Vs Bengals
= Bengals

Lions Vs Packers
= Packers

Seahawks Vs Colts
= Seahawks

Ravens Vs Dolphins
= Dolphins

Saints Vs Bears
= Bears

Eagles Vs Giants
= Giants

Jaquars Vs Rams
= Rams

Chiefs Vs Titans
= Titans

Pathers Vs Cardinals
= Cardinals

Broncos Vs Cowboys
= Broncos

Texans Vs 49ers
= 49ers

Chargers Vs Raiders
= Raiders

Jets Vs Falcons
= Falcons

Back to Back weeks underdogs has won games! This year is crazy for the NFL because of upsets. Who would of thought the Steelers and Giants be as bad as they have been. However, Gaints will get back on track this week and beat the Eagles. I am sorry I posted this late, I did my other two sites and forgot I didn’t do this one. I had the Browns picked in my other two sites beating the Bills because of passion and heart. Who would of thought they would win three games in a row? The only game I am worried about this week is Lions Vs Packers. I just thought the Packers Aaron Rodgers will take this game in his own hands, which will result in a victory.

Week one: 13-3
Week two: 12-4
Week Three: 8-8
Week Four: 8-8


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