Who is the best player for the Steelers this year?

This year’s best Steelers players so far this season.


1. Antonio Brown 32 Rec 412 Yards 12.9 Yds/Rec 45 Long 2 TD
Playing with heart and making big plays. Truly the MVP so far for us!

steve mclendon

2. Steve McLendon- 17 Tackles 9 Solo 8 Assist
McLendon been able to force runners to cut back into other players which helped us contain Matt Forte 87 yards and Chris Johnson with 70 yards. In the previous two years, McLendon played 30 games. This year already McLendon has more tackles than those two years which he played 14 games and 16 games. A great start for him. As well, he stays with his assignment so we can’t say the big plays have happened because of him. I have watched him get double team just like Casey Hampton. So job well done for McLendon!


3. Troy Polamalu- 20 Tackles 14 Solo 6 Assist
Doesn’t he look like 21 years old again? Polamalu has done things to show how elite he truly is. I truly love when Polamalu times it right when jumping over the pile. Brings chills to your bones! Nobody can say Polamalu is not the face of our defense. The only issue with Polamalu is recently he has been out of place on some plays which could have prevented big plays. Yet, another player playing with heart and I love watching him.


4. Jerricho Cotchery- 15 Rec 248 Yards 16.5 Yds/Rec 36 Long 2 TD
I know I will hear heat behind this pick as fourth best. Yet, Cotchery has been the quit assassin. Big plays on third downs were result in Cothery picking up the first down. Not the player to show emotions after the catch, so it is easy to forget what he has done for the Steelers. Has 5 catches less than Emmanuel Sanders but does have more yards, average a catch, and two touchdowns. As well been one of our best blockers we have in the running game. Which fans don’t know about, which again results into the quit assassin.


5. William Gay- 16 Tackles 14 Solo 2 Assist 1 Force Fumble
Do you hate him this year? Seems no matter what Gay has been the Steelers fans punching bag. However, Gay was suppose to be our Nickel Cornerback but with Cortez Allen getting hurt in the preseason that had to change. Gay started all three games as a starter and has done a good job. Has been able to help stop the run and make stops on third down plays of the opposing team. Against the Bears Gay made a big stop on Forte which made the Bears kick a field goal.

6. Brett Keisel
7. Ike Taylor
8. Heath Miller
9. Kelvin Beachum
10. David Johnson

Surprise by some of the names you see above? If so, it is my opinion only. What I see though is true talent and heart by the names listed above. They have done their job and assignments. You take Heath Miller and David Johnson for instance coming back from injuries and making an impact the way they have, it shows their heart to win. For Kelvin Beachum who plays Center, Tight End, Right Guard has shown his talents. I am sure I hear why not Ryan Clark? Well, Clark has given up big plays and has even stated that he went with his gut to try to make a play. Which in the end has hurt the Steelers. The Steelers players need to stay focus and stay with their assignments. When the Steelers play as a team, they will in as a team.

God Bless,


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