Week 3 Picks!


Chiefs Vs Eagles
= Eagles

Texans Vs Ravens
= Ravens

Giants Vs Pathers
= Giants

Lions Vs Redskins
= Redskins

Chargers Vs Titans
= Titans

Cardinals Vs Saints
= Saints

Buccaneers Vs Patriots
= Buccaneers

Packers Vs Bengals
= Bengals

Rams Vs Cowboys
= Cowboys

Browns Vs Vikings
= Vikings

Falcons Vs Dolphins
= Falcons

Bills Vs Jets
= Jets

Colts Vs 49ers
= 49ers

Jaquars Vs Seahawks
= Seahawks

Bears Vs Steelers
= Steelers

Raiders Vs Denver
= Denver

Big upset, Steelers will beat THE BEARS! Write those words down!!!!!

Week one: 13-3
Week two: 12-4


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