Week 2 Picks


Jets Vs Patriots
= Patriots

Rams Vs Falcons
= Falcons

Pathers Vs Bills
= Pathers

Vikings Vs Bears
= Bears

Redskins Vs Packers
= Packers

Dolphins Vs Colts
= Colts

Cowboy Vs Chiefs
= Chiefs

Browns Vs Ravens
= Ravens

Titans Vs Texans
= Texans

Chargers Vs Eagles
= Eagles

Lions Vs Cardinals
= Cardinals

Saints Vs Bucs
= Saints

Jaquars Vs Raiders
= Raiders

Broncos Vs Giants
= Giants

49ers Vs Seahawks
= Seahawks

Steelers Vs Bengals
= Bengals

The only games I really had to think about were Denver playing the Gaints and Lions Vs Cardinals. I know it is hard to pick against the Sheriff Peyton Manning, but I really believe Eli Manning and company can have enough offense this game, and control the clock. With Peyton on the bench it will be hard for Denver to win this game.

I have never trusted Carson Palmer, but I truly feel Palmer can get the job done with his experience against the younger Lions defense. Quick passes will open up the running game. Look for a low scoring game and Cardinals win by three.

Last week, I was 13-3! I hope this week I can be a little better.

God Bless,


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