Picks for Week 1


I would like to give out my picks. It seems like I do pretty well, and thought I would help people make their picks. Sorry I just came out during the Ravens and Denver game with these picks. I will do this weekly. So please check back to see the other weeks.

Ravens Vs Denver
Winner = Denver

Falcons Vs Saints
Winner = Falcons

Raiders Vs Colts
Winner = Colts

Miami Vs Browns
Winner = Miami

Vikings Vs Lions
Winner = Lions

Patriots Vs Bills
Winner = Patriots

Bucs Vs Jets
Winner = Jets

Chiefs Vs Jaquars
Winner = Chiefs

Seattle Vs Pathers
Winner = Seattle

Bengals Vs Bears
Winner = Bears

Titans Vs Steelers
Winner = Steelers

Packers Vs 49ers
Winner = 49ers

Cardinals Vs Rams
Winner = Rams

Giants Vs Dallas
Winner = Dallas

Eagles Vs Redskins
Winner = Redskins

Houston Vs Chargers
Winner = Chargers

First week can be hard to pick! You are thinking who will have the nerves or rust when playing a game that counts. Sometimes you just feel you should go with your gut on some of the picks.

God Bless,


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