My heart is beating fast

My heart is pumping fast! With training camp going on right now, players show if they are truly good enough to be in the National Football League. I have been listening to Steelers Nation radio stations. Stations like The Terrible Podcast, Black and Gold, and 93.7 the Fan. When I am listening to the announcers, they sometimes mention the playing abilities of these players that I am totally rooting for and some of their news are questioning their skills. I honestly can’t take it because I am more into it this season because I have been talking personally with the players on social media and met them at local events. As well, I believe in these players. So with that said, I thought I would give a big shout out to the players to show them my support and hope that you will also give them prayers and love. Yes, it is totally true when you are a fan of a team you will love them no matter who is on the franchise. However, everybody has to admit you always have your favorite player or players.

I am a big fan of Allen and I have done three blogs on him, and the more I learn about him the more I realize how great of a person he is. Great things will come to Allen. Don’t worry about his leg being banged up in training camp right now. This guy has the blessings and gift of talent to win the AFC defense player of the week during this season. Ike Taylor said if Allen can stay healthy he will be hell for the opposing team. I truly believe Allen would be just that. If so, he will be heaven in our eyes.

cortez A

One blog I did on him was called “Introducing Shamarko Thomas” and it was spread around the world. Total of 12 countries viewed that blog. The life of Thomas is inspiring and God didn’t give him the talent and the fight to quit now. He will show so much promise in the NFL and if you are not rooting for him at this very moment, than you honestly don’t know who Thomas is as an individual.

s. thomas

I met Sly in Chantilly VA and I really didn’t have much to say. That is because I honestly was shy to talk to him. I was always rooting for him before I met him. Since then we have talked more on twitter and I read his messages on Facebook. This is his time now than ever. He seems to be injury prone but he has worked so hard to stay on the Steelers. When they decided to release him I found myself praying that no other team would pick him up. I knew the Steelers would get him back. That they did, and now I am hoping he stays.


I have spoken to Victorian more than any other NFL player. We have been communicating for eight months now and I always feel like he loves his fans and loves life in general. I remember one time he sent a tweet about a girl not loving him and I tweeted back not to worry about it, he stated “It is a song.” About two months later, he sent another message out and it was pretty sad and I wrote to him telling him to be strong and he stated “It is a song again.” He than joked with me that he always fools me. I knew from that point on that life is always good with Victorian. As well, he will talk to his fans even when they can be just plain out stupid at times. What I love though about Victorian is he has been on numerous NFL teams and he never gives up the fight for his dream of being in the NFL. When fans count him out, he seems to show them they are wrong. So with that said, I am rooting for him to make this squad and my heart says he will. Victorian might not know it, but I do mention to Steelers fans that he is like the Gladiator. Victorian will not lay down and let you have the job. Victorian will show you that you will have to fight to beat him. That is what the other cornerbacks are looking at right now, how much fight Victorian has. Take notice Steelers fans that haven’t met Victorian or know him. The fans that have are tweeting and sharing on Facebook how nice he truly is, and I can say the same as well.


Not many fans were happy to see James Harrison leave, but I can honestly say that I was! I really think Worilds will be faster off the line to get to the quarterback. The difference is Harrison was a bull rusher and Worilds will be a corner edge rusher. So yeah, I don’t see him stopping the run like Harrison did, but I do see more sacks from Worilds. What job does Woodley have? The job is to pressure the quarterbacks and that is 100% what you will find with Worilds. So there’s a duo in the making between Worilds and Woodley.


I ask you all to be rooting for these players. Not only are they part of the Steelers team but truly great people. They are great to their fans and for the organization. They don’t just rush you away when meeting them or talking to them on social media. To me, they are exactly what the Steelers organization needs. Players that have respect, integrity, love, and most of all HEART.

God Bless,


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