In the last three seasons I have successfully picked teams before the preseason that would be in the Super Bowl.
2013- 49ers
2012- Patriots
2011- Packers

I never picked who would win those Super Bowls except one time, the only time I did so, was when the Packers won against the Pittsburgh Steelers. That year though, I had the Packers would defeat the Baltimore Ravens 13-7.

No matter what year it was, we all knew that Ravens, Patriots, and Steelers would be on top of the list making it to the big dance. However, those teams totally look different now don’t they?

In my opinion the Patriots will struggle to put points on the board and the Ravens defense will have problems getting off the field. So looking at the Steelers roster, what bothers me will be if the Steelers can put points on the score board just like the Patriots issues. I just don’t really know if there is a home run hitter in the wide receiver corp. Some fans truly believe that Antonio Brown is better than Mike Wallace but I would have to argue and say that Wallace was double team a lot of games. So my question would be “Can Brown and Sanders be able to open up the passing game and allow our running backs to run the ball?” My heart don’t know the answer, but I don’t feel the passing game will be as good as it was and the deep threat will not be there which means we will have to have third down and long. That is not good for an offense that really could have some issues in the passing game.

The two teams that I really believe that can put up the numbers with scoring and both really do have great quarterbacks are the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos. Even with the suspensions of Von Miller and other issues, like Wes Welker catching on the playbook truly does not bother me. I really think that Peyton Manning can control the offense and the defense can take care of itself. Matt Ryan is not known for winning the big game but the duo of Julio Jones and Roddy White is by far the best in the game has right now. Again, just like Denver defense the Falcons defense will be ok and take care of itself. I look for a shoot out season by both teams and being able to torch the opposing team defense. If you remember right the Falcons almost beat the 49ers. These two teams would be a great fit for a Super Bowl. The last time they met was on 9-17-2012 and the Falcons beat Denver 27-21. The Falcons intercepted Manning three times in eight minutes. That would be different of course this year!

So my two teams for this year Super Bowl will be Denver Vs Falcons.

Take care and God Bless,



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