The words of a role model


“I’m not sure what your opinion of me may be or if bc of my position in life you think I have done or do all the right things. Trust me that is not the case, I make mistakes all the time, I’ve fallen short to temptation, I’ve lusted, I’ve lied , I’ve cheated myself and others,I’ve been a statistic, I’ve had a good woman who I’ve let slip through my fingers because of bad judgment and trying to be like those around me. And though it may all feel good at the moment it’s nothing but emptiness and it took me losing the only thing that really mattered for me to realize that. But through this realization I found that I fall and have fallen short bc I am weak and the more I try to go in this journey of life alone more I will fall short until I decide to make Christ my strength and lean on his word. The only way to change our sinful nature is by letting the word of God be a mirror for our life. By letting the word in us we raise our level of consciousness. The discernment and strength to overcome our weakness. I’m not perfect nor am I close but I know God forgives and he is with me and he will never forsake me. I hope through my transparency you can see the truth and gain strength from it. I thank God for all ALL things good and bad because there is always a lesson to learn and something you can take from it to share with other to help them along their journey. This is why I always say Give God the Glory (GGG), through all things. Be blessed and Take Care.”

These words above Steelers Nation are from our player, Cortez Allen. A man that I am starting to know. The more and more I know of him, I am proud to know him. He has been so humble, so kind, and so honest. I think if your kid is looking for a role model, this man Cortez Allen would be it. We all are sinners, and it is hard to tell the truth about what we have done in the past, and what we did to hurt ourselves. Everyday we will have to fight our battles of who will win that day. Will we let temptation and the devil win or will we walk with Christ. Like Allen said above he decided to make Christ his strength and lean on his words. I have to love that statement!

If we take time out and just listen in a quiet room, we can hear God talk to us. He talks to our heart. My heart is telling me that Allen is not just a football player, but a man walking with Christ.

Take care and God Bless,



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