“Heads up and enjoy the show”


So what do I think when I picture Cortez Allen playing for this season with the Pittsburgh Steelers? I think about “Heads up and enjoy the show” of him forcing numerous turnovers and making offense think twice about throwing his direction. I believe Allen could be a top notch cornerback for years to come.

Who is Cortez Allen? Allen was born October 29, 1988 and went to North Marion High School in Citra, FL. Allen played varsity football only in his senior year and also ran on the track and field team. Allen earned all-state and all-city football honors in his one year of varsity football and was part of the 2005 regional championship team. Allen would go on to college and play football at The Citadel.

The Citadel is a military college that is a very small school with an average of around 3,540 students that attend the college. Allen credits the four years of college to teaching him time management, discipline, and attention to detail which would carry him to exceed in the NFL. Allen has the speed and smarts to be elite and while at college he recorded 120 tackles, 5 interceptions, and 2 touchdowns. His very first interception resulted in a touchdown. Allen stated that some people say that corners are wide receivers that just can’t catch, and when he gets an interception he wants to prove them wrong by catching the interception and take it in for a touchdown.

In 2011, the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Allen in the fourth round, 128th overall. Anthony Madison gave Allen the biggest advice by saying what he would learn, what to expect, and stay ready. Allen didn’t play much in 2011. He regularly played on nickel and dime defenses. Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau commented about Allen: “We always liked his size to speed ratio and he’s got an innate feel for the ball.”

The 2012 season would prove to be a different year for Allen, who quickly became a prominent member of the Steelers’ secondary who contributed to limiting passing yardage and forcing turnovers. In week 16, Allen intercepted Cinncinnati’s Andy Dalton twice and forced two fumbles by A.J. Green. The next week against the Browns, Allen forced two fumbles that the Steelers recovered which resulted in Steelers offense scoring touchdowns.

My opinion, and what I have been saying is that Allen will be a jumper like Troy Polamalu. You will always have people saying that would be wrong to do and is harmful and that Polamalu gets beat because of it, but at the same time how many games have Polamalu won because of his instincts? Allen will be smart and attack the ball which will cause more turnovers. I had respect for Keenan Lewis and I thought he did good but the difference like I said in a previous blog is that Lewis knocked the ball down, Allen will jump up and intercept the ball.

What I love about Allen is that he is a man that counts his blessings. A man of great character. Allen said that you never take for granted the gift and the blessings that were given to you to play this sport. He stated that if he could speak to student athletes he would tell them never to settle, to go 100% because this opportunity can be taken from you. You can best believe that Allen will always give 100% for every play. He is such a humble and kind man and he loves to chill. In his free time he loves to hang out with friends and play Call of Duty Black-Ops on playstation 3.

I am a fan of Allen and I hope you are as well. I really believe he will be a household name where Steelers fans will be saying “Heads up and enjoy the show.” Anytime the defense is on the field, you will be thinking that at any given moment Allen will make an impact play that will turn the game around. Who has done that for many years for us? That was Polamalu, and now Allen will be doing the same thing!

Go get your CORTEZ ALLEN “#28” Jersey now!

allen vs Green<

Take care and God Bless,


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