High potential with these Six guys!!!

These six players will be known for their skills this season and people will be talking more about them.

1. Kelvin Beachum

2. Cortez Allen

3. Jason Worilds

4. Adrian Robinson Jr.
adrain robinson

5. Josh Victorian
josh victorian

6. Robert Golden

Some names you have already known and probably have thought the same about how good they will be when they receive playing time. While others you might not be all into their game as of yet. I have a feeling in my heart that the six names will be great and they have the skills and personality to be just that. Some are going to be starters already because of the players before them leaving, and moving up as a starter. You might not have heard that much of Adrain Robinson Jr and Josh Victorian. The reason for Robinson is he hasn’t had much playing time, but when he has been on the field he been showing a very fast step and I believe he will be a good fit for blitzing the QB late in the game when the opposing team is trying to pass their way to score to come back against us. After this year he will be known to others of high potential and just need to beat out the popular names.

Note: LB’s are moving around and my thoughts of Adrian would have cut Chris Carter out of a job if they stayed in the same spot. Now moving Carter behind Woodley could only help Carter.

Josh Victorian has been on numerous teams and he has to feel it is his time now or never. Victorian played well last year except one game and seem after that game he played with starving passion of “I want to be here.” When your job is on the line you can quit or become a fighter to show coaches that they did right by wanting you to play. Victorian in my eyes and coaches won the fight and that was good for his confidence. Now it is training camp soon and he has to be a fighter again. If he wins, we the Steelers fans should call him the gladiator.

By the way the six names that I have mentioned I will be rooting so hard for them!

I hope you do the same as well.

God Bless- Muia


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