Not a fan of cheating!


There is something that has been bothering me since I first knew what the word meant. The word Steroids! So, I thought I’d share my thoughts and opinions of what I think should be done with athletes who have taken performance-enhancing drugs. They should be booted! That is right; they should be banned from sports forever.

I just never understood how you can be so good in high school and get a free ride to college. Then in college you are still on top of your game, but for some reason think you should use the substance. If God gave you the ability to play the sport than you should stop right there and be happy. You should count your blessings and know how many people in the world would love to be you. Being able to play the game and being able to suit up to be out there doing what you love is what others strive for in life. Yet, they have to work hard every day for less money and they hate their job. They do it because they need to put food on the table.

The very first time I ever really cared about the word steroids was when, Barry Bonds who I loved as a player and person, was using it. I remember when I was younger, I would play back yard baseball and yell out his name before hitting the ball. Of course it was me wanting to be just like him, I asked my parents if I could get an earring. My parents said no, and I had to pull out the story of how Bonds is a role model and wears an earring with a cross hanging from it. My parents ended up saying yes after that statement.

After finding out how Bonds and other have cheated the system it really hurt the baseball game and people were on eBay trying to get rid of Bonds baseball cards. Nobody wanted to wear a uniform with his name on it. Nobody really cared about him anymore quite frankly. Then the lies of course had to be told by Bonds which really hurt me as a fan.

barry bonds

So, the only player that I ever cared about in baseball was the most talked about because of cheating. Yet, he was good enough to be mentioned way before those days of using it. Why couldn’t Bonds just be happy and take the good with the bad like everybody else does in the world. The word selfish is a hard word to say to a person face to face, but I am sure it is harder when you look in the mirror and say it to yourself. That is what Bonds and the others have to say to themselves when they look at their past.

The National Football league is my favorite sport. Of course I would think more people would cheat in that sport than any other. Did you know a poll came out stating nearly 1 in 10 retired National Football League players polled in a confidential survey said they had used now-banned anabolic steroids while still playing? That floored me! Did you take notice that the ex-players stated now-banned steroids? Of course the players would say the words now-banned, because they do not want to be called a cheater and have their reputations tarnished.


If you ever get bored watching a football game, don’t ever turn it off. All you need to do is watch the offense linemen and the defense linemen hit one another. Well, did you know the ex-players poll shows that 16.3 percent of offensive linemen and 14.8 percent of defensive linemen admitted to using steroids? So, when watching you might be thinking you could be watching a brief sumo match getting ready to go down, but honestly it could be steroids verses steroids.

So for me as a football fan it really is a hurtful thing to talk about. The player that I might be watching could be using the substance and really has no business of being in the league. They could be a player that I really prayed hard for in life because of their story and to find out they are the biggest cheater to ever play the game five years from now. Revelations like that are devastating to fans.

How many players don’t get drafted in the NFL? That question does matter to me. There could be a player that didn’t have their name called out or receive a phone call from a head coach, but was still good enough to make it in the NFL and be good. How many times have you seen free agents shine? In 2004, Willie Parker was an undrafted free agent. Parker finished his career with 5,378 yards, averaged 4.3 yards a carry, and 24 touchdowns. I say that’s pretty good despite not having been drafted!

I could list numerous names of individuals we are well aware of who used steroids during their athletic careers. As well, I’m sure we could all list the names of those who we suspect may be using the drug to enhace their performance.

If you think that using steroids will help with the risk of not getting hurt, that is so far from the truth. Steroids are really known to cause joint and ligament injuries.

Whatever the case may be for a player of any sport to use performance-enhancing drugs, no reason is an acceptable reason for me.

If you’re an athlete who is currently using a drug to get better or come back from an injury faster, please know that I hope you quit now. I hope that you understand the ability to play the game is a gift from God, and that if you are suppose to be faster or have any other talents that help you surpass your peers God would have given those abilities to you.


If you are a fan that really does not care if a player is using a drug to cheat, that is truly sad.

I just wish a player can come out and say I am sorry! I am sorry that a kid wanted so bad to play football but did it the right way and we cheated to be in the league. So therefore he never got his chance, since he was on the list as a free agent. I am sorry that I got into the Hall Of Fame while good honest players kept getting on the list, but never got to be placed as one of the greatest players to play the game. I am sorry that I faked you fans out by charging $200.00 for my autograph, when truly it should have been me getting your autograph for loving me. Loving me when I did wrong! I am sorry that I fooled my mother and my father for they were so proud of me but had no idea that I disgraced the family by putting my name out there that I was a cheater.

That is what I would love to hear! A grow man saying I am wrong and I am sorry! Instead, you hear I didn’t know that was wrong. I had no idea it was against the National Football League’s rules. You also hear months of lies until finally they say “I am sorry.” The I’m sorry usually only comes after there is overwhelming evidence to prove that not only was he a cheater but also a liar.

Are you kidding me?


So yeah, it is tough to talk about this and know that somebody I look up to or admire for being great could be just a lame guy on and off the field.

So, I hope that in the end that next kid being told they are great in high school and challenged to get better, will look in the mirror before doing such a thing and say “By the grace of God, I am who they think I am, I am me!” Let us see you for you and let us see your God-given talents no matter which sport you are playing.

God Bless,


3 thoughts on “Not a fan of cheating!

  1. Really enjoyed this post, Nothing annoys me more then substance abuse in sports and it is even worse when you start doubting every single player/participant that you watch play


  2. I just feel like they never think about the harm to the fans when they use it. If they if sit down and thought they can be kicked out forever they would never do it. Instead they know it is a slap the first 5 times or so. If they said, one time and you are done it would be so great. and we would feel much better as well. So many jobs you make one mistake you are fired on the spot. I am glad you liked this blog. Take care!!! God Bless!!! Joseph Muia


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