Max Starks

We all have players that we dislike or that we love. When we love a player we will support them no matter what others may think of them. I would consider Max Starks somebody I really love having on the team. Standing at 6-8 and 370 pounds he was among the largest in the NFL. With his size was a big heart! We can blame injuries or his age for the release, but whatever it is, I wish we would have been able to keep him as a player with the Steelers. When a release of a player or a trade comes of somebody we really enjoy on our team it is hard to take. I wrote down on a recent blog that Starks would be back, and I had to believe that until I was told otherwise. Now the signing of a one year deal to the San Diego Chargers sealed the thought of “What If” and now the news is truly hard to swallow. Good old Max Starks will be protecting another 2004 first round pick quarterback Philip Rivers. This time it will be a hot temper guy but has the passion and desire to win. I hope Starks will be able to start and do his best to stay healthy even if he is on another team than the Steelers. When players leave and retire from another team it always seems that the ex Steeler player acknowledge the Steelers was the team they loved the most. With Starks winning two Superbowls with the Steelers and nine years of service, I would think Starks be the same way.

I wish Starks a successful season at his job. However, of course not the Chargers!

If you like to help Starks out with his charitable fund please go to

God Bless- Muia


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