Live and Die as a Steelers fan!

I’ve always considered myself a hardcore Steelers fan. I look at some fans though, and realize that they are even more diehard than me. So many diehard fans out there have tattoos of the Steelers logo or players on their bodies. Anyone who permanently inks their body with something that signifies the Steelers is truly “DIEHARD”.


Diehard Steelers fans are loyal to their team whether they do good or bad. I use to say that some were band wagon or fairweather fans when they would trash talk a player when they did bad. The player that seemed most hated by the fans was Tommy Maddox. Fans were so unhappy with him that they vandalized his house. Why so much hate towards him? Well, it’s because the fans would live and die for the PITTSBURGH STEELERS. Sure it’s wrong to be so into it that you would hurt somebody or hurt something they own. It just shows though how much true passion they have for the team.

So when all is well after the game we talk about how things are looking good. When things go wrong after the game sport fans do things to show hate or displeasusre. How about during the game? How far will a fan’s passion take them? Will they live or die during the game? Well, take Terry O’Neill, 50, of Pittsburgh. Terry was watching the game at a bar and had a heart attack seconds after Jerome Bettis fumbled trying to score from the 2-yard line late in the fourth quarter against the Colts in 2006. Terry commented on his passion towards Jerome Bettis saying “I wasn’t upset that the Steelers might lose.” “I was upset because I didn’t want to see him end his career like that. A guy like that deserves better. I guess it was a little too much for me to handle.”

So, if that is how far fans will go when they are living, how far will they go even after they die? Well, take this story for instance. When James Henry Smith passed away he was laid out in Steelers gear on a recliner. You just can’t make this stuff up! Take a look for yourself.


The above examples show how truly diehard some members of Steelers Nation are. The TRUE diehard fans will LIVE AND DIE as Steelers fans! I am so proud to say I am a part of the Steelers Nation. During his retirement speech Hines Ward stated “The black and gold runs deep in me and I will remain a Steeler for life.” Like Ward, the black and gold runs deep in me and I will remain a Steelers fan for life! No matter if we play at home or away you will always see an overwhelming number of terrible towels waving. The size of Steelers Nation is truly amazing! We are everywhere you look from coast to coast and even internationally the Steelers have followers. Now that goes to show just how far the passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers reaches. Diehard or not Steelers fans live on!!!



This weekend I will get to meet more Steeler players. For somebody like me, that is so into the game and players, it truly a dream come true. If you can make it on Saturday and Sunday you should come out. The website is . Please note though, Steeler players are only on Saturday.

I have met past players to present players. When I counted how many Steeler players I have met at the show, it comes out to be 42 players. That is truly a lot! I had some deep talks with some players and they seem not to care they have a flight to catch.

You always think the only way you can meet the players and shake their hands would be at training camp. There you would be screaming their name with hopes that they turn your way to shake your hand and sign your stuff. Here at the show you buy a ticket and spend a brief time with them. However, when they are done signing some players stick around. Some players will show they care that you are a fan. As you walk around you find players talking to fans of stories that bring back history for the both of them.

They also have more than Steelers players that come out. You will need to view their web page to see the whole list. One player that I never really cared about in the NFL when he played, but now that he is retired, I respected his game was Michael Irvin. I had no idea, that he would say hi to me and also picked up my son from my wife, and kissed him six times on his cheek. Michael kept saying, “Future linebacker in the NFL.”


It truly was a good birthday gift that weekend for me. I am praying that this July Josh Victorian, Jason Worilds, Adrain Robinson Jr, Cortez Allen, and Ramon Foster would come to the show! Those guys really are inspiring and true to who they are. Really enjoy talking to them on twitter and watching them stay humble.

So, please come out and meet the greatest players in the NFL. It will leave a mark on you for the rest of your life.

Take care and God Bless always….