Let’s Roll

Harrison Porter

The talk in recent news is if Jason Worilds can replace James Harrison? Would Worilds be able to follow in the footsteps as Harrison and Porter? Some experts are stating what Harrison has done and what Worilds has not shown. This is not really fair to me because Worilds has not played much too even be judged. All experts should be saying is what we can expect from Worilds. The part that has me looking forward to Worilds is his speed. We all know that Steelers are known for their relentless defensive blitzing and smash-mouth demeanor. Just ask Peyton Manning if he experience Worilds speed and hit. See video below:


Worilds after the sack showed his hand signs that told the story to the Denver fans that he will continue to roll. How fast was Worilds in college? Worilds, led the country in quarterback pressures (38) his final season at Virginia Tech. Like I said in previous blogs, my only issue with Worilds is the running game. With time and practice he will adjust.

Worilds is a very confident, humble, quiet man. He will let his play do the talking. I say this to you Steelers Nation, come be a fan now of Jason Worilds. Come join hands with me on the bandwagon now before you look like a fool later.

Jason Worilds<


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