The Steelers Nation has been thinking of the upcoming season. From thoughts of what we will do in the draft, to the thoughts of whether or not there will be anymore current players cut. Players have left who have done so much for the team. As well, some players have come back home to the Steelers and have made comments about how they missed being here. The question I have more now than ever is who will fill the void? Steelers and some experts are talking about whether or not Jason Worilds will be James Harrison’s replacement. On the cornerback side, there is speculation that Cortez Allen will take Keenan Lewis’ spot. I’ve also heard rumors that his replacement could be William Gay. My heart tells me Lewis barely beat Allen last year and Cortez will beat out Gay this year. Questions will arise about how Allen and Worilds would hold up as a starter. Worilds is known for not being healthy and missing some time. However, I believe that he will do well. I also believe that Jason Worlids and Cortez Allen will be household names. I look for them to make so much of an impact that fans will be wanting to wear their jersey. Fans will not only say that they like these players, but also that they love them. I took notice to Jason Worilds last season and boy oh boy did I say “WOW”. He is so fast and physical! He lives up to the long standing reputation of Steelers Linebackers. Yes, I mentioned that Worilds is injury prone, but he also struggles to stop the running game. I must say though that the more time you play in the games the more experience you will gain and in time learn from your mistakes. As well, being a starter you will practice with the first stringers. So he will learn how to stop the run very quickly. Worilds’ backups are Chris Carter and Adrian Robinson Jr. I don’t know much about either player, but from what I have seen and observed Chris Carter better be ready to compete, because Robinson seems very hungry. Carter and Robinson will be fighting for the the backup position behind Worilds. On one hand Carter may struggle with staying healthy, but on the other Robinson hasn’t had the NFL experience yet. I believe Robinson will beat out Carter in becoming Worilds’ backup.

Cortez Allen will be one of those players that is like Troy Polamalu. Now I’m not talking about being soft spoken like Polamalu, for there will only be one guy that is so soft spoken and whispers when he talks. What I am talking about is that Allen will be that type of player that will let his game do the talking. He will have the quarterbacks looking to see where he is before they throw the ball. The difference between Lewis and Allen is that Lewis may have led the league and knocked down passes, but Allen will intercept the ball and take it to the house! Lewis to me was a very agile, all over the place player. He could jump and swipe the ball down. Lewis was known for being behind the wide reciver and batting the ball. Allen will be stuck like glue to the wideout’s hip. Allen will be an under cutter that will make quarterbacks want to throw their helmets, because they will be thinking he was out of postion, but instead he will have jumped in front of the wideout. Earlier, I watched a video of Allen playing against the bengals and he was defending A. J. Green. Allen knew that with his talent, the ball would not be thrown to Green. So, he drifted away from Green and towards Hawkins. Allen jumped underneath Hawkins and intercepted the football. This is a prime example of what I beleive Allen will be doing most of the time this season.


He will be a jumper just like Polamalu. Yes, it can burn us on some games, but it can also be the type of talent that will save us from losing. I noticed that when Allen intercepts the ball, he is looking around to see where everybody is. He is looking around to make the best possible play, so that he can take it to the house! You can just see his determination! I can’t wait for this year to see how many interceptions Allen will have. If you are questioning Allen’s ability to make interceptions, I would advise you to go to youtube and watch Josh Victorian knocking a pass towards Allen. What a play by both defenders! Josh Victorian will also shock players and coaches this year. He had a rough start in his first two games last season against the Cowboys and the Chargers. However, we have to remember he was out of football for awhile. By the last two games of the season, Victorian had improved significantly and showed lots of promise. As for William Gay, his return to us from the Cardinals is good for the team and I always have liked him. I think that Taylor and Allen will be starters, and I wouldn’t be suprised if Victorian gives Gay some strong competition for third postition for cornerback. Victorian has been cut by NFL teams in the past, but has never given up on the game. For that reason, I truly believe in him. He has strength and determination and those are qualities that you need in order to succeed. Victorian’s determination and perserverance is inspiring and to him giving up is not an option. It’s people like him who inspire others to continue to follow their dreams. Where there is a will there is a way! When I think of Josh Victorian I think of the “Don’t Quit” poem. It is evident that he will prevail in life no matter what he does, because he will always strive to succeed. I am a fan of Josh Victorian as a football player and also as an all around person.


There are not a lot of videos on Jason Worilds and Cortez Allen. Some might question why I believe they will be as good as I am saying they will. My response would be that I believe in their talent to get the job done, just like I have about other players in the past. I know we will be ok this season and we WILL be back in the playoffs! You can quote that. I know that there are a lot of questions regarding these players, but as long as they BELIEVE in themselves, they will make us BELIEVE in them! I BELIEVE and so should you!


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