Steelers Walking with Christ

There are so many reasons why I love the Pittsburgh Steelers. Like I said in previous blogs, I started to love the Steelers when I was seven years old. I remember the reason I fell in love with them was because of their uniform. When I got older and understood the sport more I started to follow players. Of course a player that I followed would leave and another player would replace that postition. One thing that never changed was the tradition of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You always knew year after year they would be in the playoffs. You knew year from year the fans would wave the terrible towel. As well, you knew year from year the Rooneys would be in charge as owners. The ownership of the Steelers has remained within the Rooney family since its founding in 1933. Those were the traditions that made me fall in love with and respect the Steelers. I always felt like the Steelers were the good guys out there on a Sunday evening. No matter who they played I always felt we had the best squad, but more importantly the most caring, respectful, kindest, gentlemen on the field. I started to find myself saying “GOD LOVES THE STEELERS”.

I would go to church and pray that the Steelers would win and when they did I thought it was because I prayed so hard. When getting older, thoughts came to my head that God doesn’t really care who gets to the superbowl. I always thought how many NFL players really, truly care about God? There are NFL players out there that make millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars and have all this fame, but do they forget where they came from? How many players before the game pray that they don’t get hurt because they don’t want to lose the fame, compared to them saying it’s a blessing and that they are grateful and don’t want to lose the job? There are so many men who have in the past been entered into the NFL draft and never received a call. There have been so many high school football stars, who could of been college stars but were never afforded the opportunity because they did not receive a full scholarship and could not afford college tuition on their own. Whatever the situation was, so many people would love that opportunity to have the money, success, and fame like the NFL players and other sport players get. Without God though, they would not have their talent. Talent is a blessing from God. Without respect and gratefulness to God their talents can be taken away in a second.

I became a member of twitter with the hope of being able to talk to Steeler players. When I signed up, a friend told me that I would never get a reply from more than one or two players. Well, I can say it sorta hurt me to think I was wasting my time. I thought that it would be embarrasing to send a message for everybody to see and not get a reply. If a Steeler player does talk to me is it because they were bored and nobody was on twitter? Yet I still wanted to do it, because I love Steelers Nation and the players. I was totally shocked at how many replied back to me. I was wondering if it was something I had said or if they felt they had to respond. I realized after a while that they were responding to my tweets because they were just good people wanting to reach back to fans with a response. Now that I have been on twitter, I have realized the final reason why I love the Steelers so much. Some says you shouldn’t mix football with God. However, I feel that all individuals who are blessed with great God-given talent should praise God and give him acknowlegement. Football players should be grateful to be able to put on a pair of cleats and know that so many people would desire to be in their shoes.

So, my final reason why I love the Steelers is that they walk with Christ and they truly are the most caring, respectful, and kindest, gentlemen. I see it day after day through their responses and how they live. Yes, I know in the background I hear people talking about the Big Ben situation as well as Rainey and Alameda Ta’amu and downing them for their actions. To that I say that nobody is perfect and if you think we are perfect like God, well then you need to read the bible. Anybody who lives on this earth is a sinner. We all make mistakes and we all fall down. Yet a saint is a sinner who fell down and got up. So, yes we are not perfect, but we can strive to make up for our mistakes. When reading and talking to the Steelers players I see the connection they have with God. I see the big heart they have for their fans and for their families. I see how they give thanks for being in the NFL. As a fan and a christan, that truly means a lot to me. I know I hear words coming back to me that all Steelers might not believe in God or that they don’t give him praise. I understand that, but the ones I talk to do and I love and admire that. Read the profiles and you will be shocked at how many give thanks to the man above. I took notice of this when talking to Kelvin Beachum and viewing his page. Kelvin’s page States: “Honoring Jesus Christ in everything I do. Go Steelers, Go Mustangs.” He also stated: “Honoring Jesus Christ in everything I do. A man of intergrity, a man with a plan, committed to excellence, taking pride in everything I do.” Kelvin was the first to make me smile and say thank you for loving God as much as I do. Not all profile pages were like that, but the ones that I took notice to showed me they were man enough to show that they love God. They showed that they are sinners and that they are becoming better. As a fan of a player or a person, I have to love that as well. I took time to read other profiles and saw these.

Justin King – “God fearing man/husband..working on becoming a better person everday…”

Josh Victorian – “God’s son & a proud dad. Never ask permission but will always ask for forgiveness.#NFLCornerBack #35 for the @Steelers #La.Tech Instagram-jDot_Sr”

Demarcus Van Dyke -“The Not Fake DeMarcus Van Dyke twitter account. Rarely slacking, Always Bappin. Father of 1, Thank GOD”

Larry Foote- “The Official Twitter Page of Pittsburgh Steelers LB Larry Foote. Man of God, Husband, Father, Friend, Brother. #WhatUpDoe”

Adrian Robinson Jr.- “God be my strength, God give me life.mouth shut and heart open. Embark on my journey too Greatness… Steelers 57.”

Robert Golden- “1st Give an Honor to God. Played #Defensiveback at #UofA 08-11 #Beardown Now a Pittsburgh Steeler #SteelersNation #Instagram:R0bG0lden”

Cortez Allen- “CB for the Steelers. Product of prayer. GGG Put’n in the work 2 make it all work 4 appearances,media,special requests hit @1stladyxamsport”

DaMon Cromartie-Smith- “The Official Twitter page of DaMon Cromartie-Smith Pittsburgh Steelers safety #42 Walking by Faith ….Stay hungry, Stay Humble, Stay Honest, #HHH”

Baron Batch- “Do everything you’re passionate about. Use all the talents God has given you. Live life. Love Life….and Life will love you back.”

Antonio Brown- “Pittsburgh Steelers #84 Wide Receiver Chest Up, Eyes up, Prayed up”

(Now please keep in mind that the above are only examples of a few of the profiles that mention God’s love. The above listed men are not ashamed to announce that God is first and foremost in their life.)

So many Steelers now and in the past give back. That to me, is a way of working for God. We all know that Charlie Batch does so much for the community. Ryan Clark has done so much for sickle cell disease awareness, research, treatment and programming in Pittsburgh. Lamarr Woodley donated $60,000 to the Saginaw Public Schools athletic department to cover the pay-to-participate expenses for athletes. “DA BEARD” Brett Keisel shaved off his beard at an event and raised over $40,000 for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC. That was just to name a few. So much kindness and genorosity has been shown by players on the Steelers team.

I recently have been in contact with Verron Haynes. I would really love to meet him in person. Verron serves as a Board of Directors member for TurningPoint in Alpharetta, GA. TurningPoint is a non-profit Women’s Healthcare organization that was established in 2003 in response to the unmet survivorship needs of women with breast cancer. Verrnon’s profile states: “Born in Trinidad, UGA To Superbowl Champion. Striving to become a better man than i was yesterday, living by faith n not by sight!”

I close with this comment. It doesn’t matter if you are a present player or a past player – the Steelers tradition will always remain. The die-hard fans always stay! Steelers football stays the same! The hard working team! Steelers football is known as the winning program. They are known for the terrible towels (other teams have tried to copy our towels but imitators are never as good as the original.) Steelers are known for Superbowl history. I think they should also be known as people that are walking with Christ. When you see them as I do, I think it is easy to look past the dropped pass or the failed field goal kick. Maybe look past the fumble or interception. Say to yourself in life we make mistakes, but we dust ourself off and get up and continue to strive to do our best. As sinners we fall, but we get up. So that, my friends, is why we have SIX SUPERBOWLS. FOR GOD NOT ONLY LOVED THE WORLD… HE ALSO LOVES THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!



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