His name is Mike Wallace AKA “Fast Money”. Where will he end up calling his home for the upcoming season? We all would say it’s not going to be Pittsburgh anymore. I don’t have the answers as to where he will go. Vikings might make a run for him now that they traded Percey Harvin to Seattle. The only answer I have in my head is that Wallace cares more for money than he does his future stats. I am sorry, it’s just my opinion but I feel so right about it. It appears as though Mike Wallace would rather have big money instead of the big stats. Stats not money is what will make people remember his name. Last time I checked money doesn’t get you into the Hall Of Fame. Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers struggled alot last season. However, it was the first year with coach Todd Haley. It takes time to learn what each player can do and their strengths and weaknesses. It’s one thing to look at the players on tape, but another thing to talk to them in person and figure out how confident they are with the schemes of the new offense. Mike Wallace had plenty of drops last year and I myself was cussing at the t.v screen. As mentioned before Mike Wallace is one of my all-time favorite players. That is why I was cussing, because I wanted him to do good as well as the whole team. I am hearing rumors of Mike Wallace going to the dolphins and I think who would I rather have throwing me the ball? Would I want to have the two time superbowl winner Ben Roethlisberger or a boy growing up to be a man, Ryan Tennehill? The stats of last year don’t lie for both Quarterbacks. Tennehill had more yards! You look and think, that is what you want to see. However, did we forget that Big Ben was hurt last year? When you compare it to yards Ben passed 45 more yards a game. Yes Tannehill has the avantage on how he can scramble and run down the field. In week 16, Tannehill set a franchise record for longest run by a quarterback by rushing 31 yards in a single play. The previous record was set by Pat White, who had a 30 yard run during the 2009 season. As well, Tannehill went on to set franchise rookie records for passing yards, attempts, and completions. So, with those remarks what gives the edge to Roethlisberger now? I would say not only has Roethlisberger shown he is a winner in the superbowl column but he is a better fit for Wallace. Roethlisberger is always praised for how he can get out of the pocket and make things happen. Think long and hard before last season about what Mike Wallace did for two seasons in a row. During Mike’s rookie season, he lead the entire league in average yards per reception with 19.4 yards. In 2010, Wallace averaged 21.0 yards per catch, the most of any AFC receiver. Think about 2011 when Big Ben and Mike Wallace connected for a 95 yard touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals. The longest in Steeler’s history! Now, we look at last season and see that there was a major drop off due to a new offense and injuries. However, Wallace still had a productive year with long passes including an 82 yard touchdown play. It was against the Tennessee Titans. See below video:

To sum it up, he is more of a deep threat than a slant wide receiver. Can Tennhill throw as deep as Roethlisberger? In the league, you need experience to be successful. I truly believe that Big Ben has helped Mike Wallace become the player that he is today. Without Big Ben he will not be as productive. The two go hand in hand. Maybe Ryan and Wallace could make a duo later on in years, since they are young, but as of right now I sure don’t see it. In my own opinion “Fast Money” Mike Wallace is thinking money and not superbowl, pro-bowl, or Hall Of Fame for that matter. If he ends up anywhere other than in Pittsburgh, I will be shocked like the rest of you. However, if Vikings even pick him up it will be a downgrade from what he can do with the Steelers. The Steelers had a lot of injured players last season as well as new coaches. Yet, we were the number one in defense in the league. By the way, that means we get the ball more than being on the bench waiting for the offense to get back out there. As a Mike Wallace fan, I just want him to make a decision that will help him to be remembered 20 years from now. I honestly think if he ends up with another team based on his own decision it will not only hurt him as a person but hurt him as an NFL player. When we are talking about Roethlisberger, Bradshaw, Green, Lambert, Polamalu, and Swann… Wallace will be mentioned as the guy that left the Steelers in order to have more money in his pocket but in doing so sacrificed the opportunity to become a legend. Rather than having his name mentioned in the company of Steelers greats, he will be included in the company of those who played with us for only a few years and then became a laughing stock for making a choice that would surely come back to haunt them when they think about what could have been. Wouldn’t it be tragic if he leaves the Steelers and goes to a team with so many issues, and then he has to sit back and watch his former team in the playoffs that same year. If I know one thing for sure it is that the Steelers will always be the team mentioned not just in the AFC but in the NFL time and time again. We will always be the team to watch out for! We can take the wild card and end up victory dancing in the superbowl. NEVER count the Steelers out especially when our team isn’t bogged down with injuries! So, soon the choice will be up to Wallace – choose to be a winner and have everlasting fame, or just be the man known as “Fast Money” with tons of cash whose career ended in a dash, leaving many to have a big laugh.

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