Job well done!

A good video of James Harrison! James Harrison was a undrafted free agent in 2002.  Now a free agent again, His resume will list a five-time Pro Bowl selection, 2 time Super Bowl winner. He truly has done a lot that most NFL players could only wish for.  We all know that without his interception in the Super Bowl, we wouldn’t have one for the thumb.   After Franco Harris Immaculate reception, James Harrison inteception has to be the greatest play in Steelers history.

One thing though I would like to add, is something we don’t really take pride into anymore. James Harrison, Troy Polamalu, and Ryan Clark are always physical.  You hear other teams fans saying James Harrison was a dirty player. They always had to comment on Hines Ward as well. I noticed last year that our running backs Redman and Dwyer took players head on.  Yet it just seemed we lost the games we were not physical. I will truly miss James Harrison for being out their putting fear into the opposing quarterbacks.  It felt like when James, Troy, and Ryan was out there being physical you had the announcers mention the Steel Curtain.  I hope that this year even without Harrison we can get back to that FEAR and PRIDE that we had long time ago.

James will truly be missed by so many. However, I am sure all AFC quarterbacks are thanking Jesus on this Sunday Morning!


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