Thank you!

This is just a quick acknowledgement to say thank you to some Steelers. I always thought that to see a Pittsburgh Steeler player I would have to travel to training camp. There I would scream my head off and pray they would just make eye contact with me. I never realized until 2007 that there was a local show hosted by Collectors Showcase of America ( that takes place at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA where various athletes come three times a year in order to sign autographs. I have met some amazing players! I have a photo album of all the athletes I have met. My wife wanted this done for my son to see when he got older. I make sure that I purchase an autograph of a Steelers player every time I go and display the item in my Steelers room. So here I was thinking I’d get to meet them only three times a year, unless I go to training camp and scream my head off to get one to say Hi. Which player would care that I am a fan? What player would show support back to their fans? I am sure there are many out there. However, there has been six Steelers players that have supported me in making blogs and showing kindness by talking to me on twitter and facebook. This is just to say THANK YOU! Thank you to Josh Victorian, Demarcus Van Dyke, Ramon Foster, Adrian Robinson Jr., Cortez Allen, and Jonathan Dwyer. Thank you for the talks and letting me know that fans are appreciated in your eyes. So many athletes think their skills make the money. However, without fans there wouldn’t be NFL football. For you all to take the time and do things like retweet my blogs, direct personal talks, and being a follower to show support, it truly means a lot to me! So, I want the world to know, that you guys are more than just football players! You guys are truly kind Gentlemen!

Adrian Robinson Jr.


Ramon Foster


Demarcus Van Dyke


Josh Victorian


Cortez Allen


Jonathan Dwyer



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