Just my thoughts

Who stays and who leaves? The question on the minds of all Steelers fans and players might be what will happen to Mike Wallace? This is one guy I want to to stay! I have met him two times now in person. The very first time I met him I was saying that Mike was one of my favorite players of all time. I was so happy to stand in line on my birthday to get his autograph. When I got to the table and met him he seemed so humble. He seemed like fame never went to his head. I got a nice autograph on a mini-helment and an awesome picture. Most of the time after you get an autograph you just walk away because so many others are in line. However, I asked Mike if he would mind getting a picture with my wife. He said “Sure”. Mike didn’t just stay at the table he got up. He got up and walked to where my wife was standing. It is unusual for players to do that. They usually just stay seated or stand up at their seat.  It truly showed he cared about the fans.  The second time I saw Mike Wallace was at another autograph show. I was thinking how cool it would be just to tell him to stay in Pittsburgh and see what response I would get out of him. It was right after he asked for all that money. I had no idea what was going to happen or what his approach would be to the Steelers nation fans. I got to talk to him four times that day and each time I made a point to tell him to stay in Pittsburgh.

One comment I said to Mike the second time I saw him was “playing for any other team wouldn’t be like playing for Pittsburgh and we have a winning team, Mike, and you know that, so stay in Pittsburgh!” He looked me in my eyes and said ” I hope I can”. You would think the fourth time while on his way leaving the show he would try to dodge me from making a comment to him. However, he came right over and shook my hand and gave a big smile. I made sure I said those famous words of the day. “STAY IN PITTSBURGH MIKE”! Again he said “I HOPE”.



So does Mike want to leave or stay? I don’t know him on a personal level, but I believe he wants to stay in Pittsburgh. However, he truly believes that he is not a one trick pony as they say and he can make the money. I do believe that he is not a one trick pony. He ran slant patterns alot this past year. Pittsburgh has never been a team with tons of money.  Pittsburgh is truly all about staying as a family and winning games. They are not about somebody walking around being the richest football player ever or even close to that. Some might say they don’t like Mike Wallace’s attitude, but to them i would say “what have you seen for you to say that?” Some say there were more dropped passes then ever before? I agree with that statement, but was his head in the game? Were they there when coaches and Mike had talks? Maybe something has been said for him to want to move on. I just feel that he would love to stay in Pittsburgh, but wants to feel he is getting what he deserves in his eyes. So Mike Wallace will always be one of my all time favorites. It’s just who he is.. and this is who I am.


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