The unknown hurts!

The offense line has some free agents. Ramon Foster, Max Starks, Doug Legursky and Greg Warren! I know Ramon Foster has no clue if the Steelers will bring him back or he will be in search for a job elsewhere. All I can say is how I feel as a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and how it would be sad for me to watch these players leave.
Been a football fan since the age of 7 and I never ever recalled caring what the offense line has to do with football games. Getting a pack of football cards I remember getting an offense lineman and throwing it away. It wasn’t worth more than a common price which is 05 cents. When I was 14 years old I remember hearing about Larry Allen and how good he was. I could care less about Dallas Cowboys and was upset they beat us in the Superbowl. However, the older I got the more I paid attention to the offense line and I have gained so much respect for them. I understand you need people to block for the QB and need O-line to open up a hole for the running back. I always noticed that but I never took noticed so much more that they do. Now that I am older and watching the game so much in every detail it’s amazing how much they do and don’t get the respect for it. It’s so easy to call out Max Starks when Big Ben gets hit for a sack. It’s so easy to get mad when the hole was never there by Foster for Dwyer to run into. Have you noticed though that when a wide receiver gets a 15 yard pass… they tap their helmet to come out for oxygen? How about a running back that gets hit hard they come to the sidelines for 3 plays or so.
When you watch the O-line you will see how they can get hit hard every play. That they get their legs rolled up on by the 230 pound back like Redman when he gets tackled. You might see they are big and strong they can take a hit but they are blocking the guy in front of them and get hit from behind at full force. Their stance is standing still before the hike and they see the LB, like Suggs at 260 pounds getting ready to run at them full force. How about when they do the HB toss to the right and the guard has to roll out and run about 11 yards down the field and after the tackle they hear “HURRY UP OFFENSE”. Yet they don’t tap their helmet and scream “MAYDAY”! They never ever ask to be taken out. The only way these guys get taken out is when they fall to injuries.
If you truly watch them play the game you would see an average guy wouldn’t make it longer than 2 plays. Take a lot of strength and will power to never give up running or blocking on a play. I like to wonder what the Left guard or Right Guard thinks when they see a 190 pound back break open and they are blocking for them. They have to be saying “OH DAMN SON”!
How many times do you see a running back or a wide receiver score on a TD and run up to the O-line to say thank you? Not very often! Instead you see the Running back acting like they got their on their own and that is truly sad.
Last thing, I have watched every Steelers game and noticed that Ramon Foster can be a pushy kind of man as well Maurkice Pouncey. You watch somebody on the Steelers get hit after the play and they are the first to say “HOLD UP”! Well, I realize that not only are they the bigger brothers on the team but same time they have to protect each other. I saw Ramon Foster on the ground and a guy hit him in the leg. Willie Colon came out of nowhere and pushed the guy. Next thing you knew you saw Foster back up from the ground ready to defend Colon. Even though the fans can be rude because of a 15 yard penalty because the second guy always get caught, I would have to say I truly love it. I love the protection for one another and these guys need to stay together in Pittsburgh. So the unknown is what I hate about this coming season of who stays and who leaves. I just pray that I get the good news as well as them that they can stay as a family once again!


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