Love for the game!


If you sat down and really think long and hard who is your favorite player? You probably would name a player that is a starter. The reason why is because they play every down and you see them each week, game after game. It’s usually a starter because you can go to a local sport store and buy their jersey. You look at them as a kid and say that is who you want to be like. Do you ever think as a kid or an adult your favorite player is a backup? Do you ever say for the Steelers your favorite player is Charlie Batch? Sometimes we look at backup players and wonder how or why they are on the team. How can that be the backup quarterback or running back?

If we have the love for the game we would be able to answer those questions on our own. We be able to say that it takes skills to be in the NFL. That so many players come out of college and don’t get drafted or they are on the free agent market,they don’t get picked up by any team. If you asked me why I loved Lamarr Woodley it was because of so many reasons. However, since I joined twitter I have came to realize how special all the players are on the Pittsburgh Steelers team. One guy that I love to talk to is Josh Victorian. Victorian has played on four NFL teams. Those teams are the Saints, Patriots, Ravens, and Steelers. I spoke to him on twitter and it makes me see that even though he is a backup player he puts all his effort and being the best player for the game and for the fans. I asked him one time if he was taken? Like did he have a girlfriend or what not and his answer was “Taken by the game”. Recently he told me that Joe Flacco deserve to get the money because he worked so hard for it his entire life.

While I sit here thinking of the Steelers football team.. Josh showed me that even a backup player who might not get plenty of playing time will be so committed to being the best football player he can be on and off the field. With him wearing a pair of cleats and most fans sitting at home criticizing Flacco, Victorian realize how hard it is day in and day out to being a starter.

I feel bad for the players that are starters that don’t have the passion like the backup players do. Some starters are truly in it for the money, Super Bowl, and Hall Of Fame. What is truly in it for the backup who might only play 8 to 9 snaps a game? They can’t say it’s for the Hall Of Fame or for the money. They can say it’s for the Super Bowl. It truly for the love of the game.

So for us fans that watching football every weekend, let this year be more special. When football finally gets here, take a look at the backups who deserve to be looked at as a starter. They put in alot of time and sacrifice to get where they are in life. They deserve to get the paycheck as well. I am so very blessed to be able to meet the players I have met in person. From this day on, there is no backup in my book. For when you love the game… they all are AS ONE, They are all starters to me!


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